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  1. graphogame Learn to read/phonics like teach your monster to read but you can’t guess your way through it Simplex spelling lightbot free with subscription option, we have only ever used the free versions Prodigy math dreamscape by squiggle park is reading comprehension yousician Paino and ukulele tonestro for woodwind instruments
  2. The kids have asked me to make a curriculum for them for next year. They would like to cover Farming, Mining/Caves, Hero's Journey, and Mythical/Imaginary Creatures and Places. The kids will be ages 5-14 next year so a nice wide range. I know the hive is wonderful about suggesting books on topics, what amazing books shall I go hunting for?
  3. We did 2, C, and D For my eldest we have moved on to Writing with Style. We tried a few things for grammar, going to try KISS grammar if that doesn't work i'll go back to ELTL for grammar. Next kiddo did 2 and is going to do C this year. Kathy will let you buy any of the older pfds. you can find her email in the contract section of the Barefood Meandering website.
  4. https://help.audible.com/s/article/are-all-audiobooks-compatible-with-whispersync-for-voice-and-immersion-reading?language=en_US
  5. Lori D. posted in What do your homeschool routines look like for middle schoolers? a list of things if you were going form home school 8th grade to public school 9th grade. - how to learn from a textbook - time management (schedule himself for getting work done; and track deadlines of big assignments) - stuff management (where are his papers, homework, assignments, and getting them handed in) - memorization tips and techniques (ex: learning For. Lang. vocabulary) - test-taking tips and techniques - beginning note-taking from a lecture I lack these skills, but I know that these are important things for my 6th graded to figure out over the next few years even if we don't send him to public school high school. How do I go about teaching these skills? Is there a book or workbook that we can work through?
  6. Maybe take a peek at Barefoot Meanderings samples of their Wayfarer Curriculum. http://barefootmeandering.com/site/wayfarers/ Our homeschool is heavily inspired by the samples but we don’t actually “use it” Their language arts is like Simply Charlotte Mason and could be done independently, we like how the poetry and pictures studies are built right in.
  7. Kids are 12, 9, 6 and 3. I’m spent in the sense I’m not focused. I’m looking all around to get away but know I need to stay put. It might be the change in levels. Or sitting still for too long.
  8. I have four kids, three are school age. I have a chunk of time where I do their "at the elbow" work one at a time. I start with the youngest. Then I move to the eldest because he has things he needs to have gotten done before I get to him that relate to his lessons but also has things that stem off the lesson that he needs to do after. Then the middle one. Who has things to do before but not after. If I don't but breaks in between for myself I'm spent a third of the way through the middle one's lesson. If I put in a break between each kid, I lose momentum. I've been opting to forgo a break, but I don't think I can keep it up much longer. What are some breaks that I could try that hopefully would help keep up the momentum? Or are all breaks momentum killers?
  9. I think we are open to the idea of our eldest looking things up on the internet. What browser and/or parent controls would you recommend to prevent accidentally stumbling onto inappropriate things? Is there a course or guidelines on how to teach internet searching? I remember reading a thread on this ages ago that mentioned tree octopuses, but can't find it now. Any other suggestions or heads up before venturing into this very new territory with him?
  10. If you are game to try something see if this freebie is any help. I really like it and perhaps it will work for you http://donpotter.net/pdf/blend_phonics_stories.pdf If you are eyeing LOE, also look into all about reading and barefoot meanderings reading and spelling through literature.
  11. I'm in need of recommendations for mystery books for my almost 12 year old. He doesn't want one where someone gets hurt let alone someone dies. More like something has gone missing and finding out who did it. He loves the Boxcar Children but wants to move on.
  12. I really liked Memoria Press's curriculum very straight forward you knew what you were striving for and you practice it till it was perfect. But i didn't care for their grammar program and I couldn't find a stand along grammar that i liked well enough to pair with it. We did a quarter of Cottage Press Fable and Song. I love love love the curriculum. I love the exercises and activities, but the support for composition was severely lacking. While similar to memoria Press in the concept that you did the exercise over and over till perfect. Memoria Press's teachers guide was filled with loads of helpful information. Cottage Press had one meager sample in the teacher book at that was it. I tried pairing the memoria Press teacher's guide with Fable and song but got unwieldy. We are using English Lessons through literature. I'm very happy with the exercises. It's more a trickle method where it slowly introduces the variations and sentence play vs memoria presses teacher everything up front method. It's the right balance of grammar and composition.
  13. Has anyone lined up Pandia Press History Odyssey with the K12 Human Odyssey and are willing to share?
  14. We like the craft kits from https://happyhedgehogpost.com/ The quality of the materials is top notch. The instructions are well written.
  15. I'm only on the early videos with my kids, so no help in regards to Hoffman. We tried https://yousician.com/ before trying Hoffman, but it was to grown up for my kids. Perhaps it might be a good fit for your kids.
  16. I am looking for a phonogram resource but in reverse. All the ones I can find are here is the letter A and here are it’s many sounds. I want something that goes the other direction what are all the various ways you can get the Long A sound Or that the t sound can be made with either a t or ed. if you could point me in the direction of a book or a set of cards that would be awesome. Thanks
  17. Looking for books like Henry Huggins/Ramona Quimby and Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing but at a higher reading level.
  18. Perhaps Sabbath Moods Charlotte Mason science for grades 4-6? https://sabbathmoodhomeschool.com/living-science-curriculum/form-2-science-curriculum-gr-4-6/
  19. Would The Day Jimm's Boa Ate the Wash be an example or is it more of a reversal?
  20. Moving beyond the page’s Kindergarten has an option to add the craft supplies for their crafts
  21. I feel like I'm missing something, but I can't put my finger on it. Can you look over what we are doing and point out possible holes? Eldest just turned 11 and is in the "fifth" grade. He is doing Cottage Press Fable and Song for Language Arts and The Modern Speller (Dictation Day by Day) for spelling. He is half way through Singapore 5B and will move on to AOPS Prealgbra. Does Xtra Math and Building Thinking Skills Level 2. Monday he goes to a co-op where he takes four classes: -Apologia Flying Creatures: They are assigned to read the book at home and do experiments in class. -Mixed Media Art: art projects in class, no homework -Drama: working on a play in the fall and one in the winter, only homework would be to memorized lines. -Where in the World: geography class where they are given clues about a state (in the a fall) or a country (in the spring) and have to figure out what it is for homework. They will discuss the location in class. Thing Two just turned 8 and is in the "second" grade. He is going Cottage Press Primer One for Langauge arts and is learning cursive by reviewing two phonograms a day and then will start the Modern Speller He just started Singapore 3A His monday co-op classes have no homework -Medival Knights and VIkings: learning about life in the Middle ages -Magic School Bus Science: teacher will read a magic school bus book and they will do an experiment based off it -I love America: learning about national holidays, symbols and famous American figures. -Mixed Media Art. After breakfast they do dishes and then we sit down sing two hymns (current one we are learning and rotating through the past ones), a math skip counting jingle, a nursery rhyme (for the toddlers), and a silly song. Then I read a chapter from Narnia and then we discuss. We are out of the house a bit, so during car rides they listen to Story of the world, Apologia, and Curiosity Chronicles. I don't follow up with what we listen to, but if they have any questions, I'll stop it and we discuss.
  22. You can borrow my 11 year old. He is working through Singapore 5.
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