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Books about hairstyles for dd to do herself

Based on Faith Academy

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Not a book, but there are SO MANY youtube channels out there dedicated to hairstyles.  These range from children's to adult's styles, and the youtuber does her hair on camera, which IMO is much easier to follow than a book.  


A channel I like is "Cute Girls Hairstyles", and some are for mom to do, some are DIY by the girls.  

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lots of demo videos on youtube.


torrinpage has exceedingly long hair - and she does hers herself, on camera so you can see what she's doing.   lots of different styles.

also kmemuse. 




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I recommend YouTube too. Kate from the Small Things blog has videos to teach you how to style your own hair. It is geared toward adults though.


Cute Hairstyles for Kids has a lot of great videos, they aren't geared toward doing your own hair, but she could figure it out if she has a double mirror so she can see the back of her head while she works.

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