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Who's going to tackle Sunday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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I'm the only awake right now. It's almost like my free time. Of course the moment I get out of bed, they will start waking up. ;)


Well, seeing as I didn't even try to do yesterday's list, I should do that.


Change sheets


Helping daughter clean her disgusting hovel (she better have bought us m&ms to share)


Make dinner

Find outside garage remote that I haven't seen in years

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Good morning! Slept in a little (went to Mass last night) and I have lemon blueberry bread in the oven. New recipe, so I hope it is good. Relaxing day here and dmil is coming over for dinner.


To do:

glaze bread

read paper

drink coffee


general pickup and wipe down bathrooms before dmil comes

get ready for the week


Have a great day!

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Morning, all...


This is going to be a tough day today.  Ds's friend died (went missing/found last night).  Prayers would be appreciated for the family, etc.  I worry about ds because these past two years have been an emotional roller coaster for our family, and we were just beginning to get a "normalcy" about us.


To do today:



visit with my mom




Hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday

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Good morning!


Readinmom, I'm so sorry about your ds's friend.  :grouphug: What a difficult thing for your ds.



•animal chores, cleaned stalls (extra work for dd and I since ds18 is in bed with chills and a sore throat)

•1 load laundry

•made breakfast for dh


To do:

•leave a few Etsy reviews (done)

•take down outdoor Christmas lights and wreaths (done)

•figure out Feb. pet food order (done)

•refill dog food bins (done)

•tidy bathrooms (done)

•roast veggies and make hard boiled eggs (tomorrow)

•figure out what goals I will set for this next week and month (done)

•sweep tack room (done)

•dust & vacuum upstairs (done)

•dinner=homemade pizza (done)




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  • Sunday school.
  • Church.  Kids played band & sang in choir at church.
  • Kids' basketball practice.
  • Back home - set kids up with a list of work to do.
  • My work - theoretically ....
  • Laundry.
  • About to send the kids for showers ....

I will probably work much of the night ....

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