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If dh like Neil Gaiman..


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Haven't heard of this book and I know he hasn't read it. I'll take a look tonight once I get settled into bed. Thank you.

I think we have all three, which have been read at most twice. I didn't read them, but I'd be happy to sell them if you're interested. The lady two look brand new, just not sure I'd we have the first one or if my son borrowed it to my husband.

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I'd give China Mieville a shot.


I agree some Mieville is very Gaimanesque. "Kraken" reminds me of a noirish, very London version of American Gods. "Un Lun Dun" is on par with Gaiman's YA/kids stuff... different but comparable to Graveyard Book. Mieville's other stuff can be a bit more "literary" which can be hit or miss depending on your tastes and the book. 

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I don't think anyone has quite the same "graveyard creep + dark humor" spin as Gaiman... ;)


My suggestions of specific books:

- The House with a Clock in Its Walls (Barnavelt)

- The Princess Bride (Goldman)

- The Midnight Circus (Morgenstern)

- Something Wicked This Way Comes (Bradbury)

- Shades of Grey (Fforde)

- The Eyre Affair (Fforde) -- and sequels (this is the "Thursday Next" series)-

- Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore (Sloan)

- Down the Rabbit Hole (Abrahams)

- Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (Adams)

- The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul (Adams)

- Starship Titanic (Douglas Adams and Terry Jones)

Ready Player One (Cline)

- author Terry Pratchett (already mentioned above that he co-authored Good Omens with Gaiman)

- some of Stephen King's works -- although horror-driven, rather than "dark-driven" like Gaiman


Gaiman definitely has a "young adult" feel to many of his works, but if more adult/complex works are okay:

- The Man Who Was Thursday (Chesterton)

- perhaps some of China Mevielle's books

- The Yiddish Policemen's Union (Chabon) -- or others by Chabon

Gormanghast series (Peake)

- short stories or collections by Jorge Luis Borges, Italo Calvino, or Bruno Shultz

- Black Water: The Book of Fantastic Literature (Manguel) -- vol. 1 and vol. 2 -- anthology of surreal and fantastical short stories; many authors


Here's a Good Books list: Authors Similar to Neil Gaiman

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Thank you all! Now I have lots of research to do. I love finding new authors for other people!


I've read Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, I don't think dh did even though I probably recommended it. He was out of a reading phase at that point because he was too busy. Maybe ill suggest it again. It won't count as a gift though since we own it.

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Oh, Ready Player One is a good rec, particularly if he's ever played video games. It has a distinct 1980s geek vibe, but, really anyone who's played will ping to it, I think.

He's read that one! I have yet too though. My pile of books to read is so long who knows when I'll get to it

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