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CNN Student News has been a tremendous hit in our house.


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This has seriously been our favorite aspect of homeschooling this year, and it is free. My 6th grader loves it. The 4th grader is very interested. The 2nd grader is sometimes really interested and sometimes it is over her head. Overall, I feel like we are so much more informed of world events. I feel like they have covered very difficult news stories in an appropriate fashion. I actually feel more informed on what is going on in Syria and Yemen. I like that my children are getting some exposure to the presidential debates (without all the ridiculousness). They also do some really interesting special interest stories. This week they are doing a few minutes a day on the heroin epidemic. It has been great for discussion.


I just wanted to share with everyone! It is exactly 10 minutes long every day. There are a lot of back episodes on the website if you want to preview it. It's recommended for teachers to preview it each day, but I've just been watching with them and discussing. We watch it over dinner with dad on our co-op day. We can't miss it, lol!

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We like it here, too.  


Two years ago we started watching, when my oldest was 12.  At that time, it sparked anxiety in him.  He started having mild anxiety attacks, where he'd get an overwhelming sense of doom and his heart would race.  It would take him an hour or two to recover.  We went to the doctor.  She said, "What has he be reading?  What has he been watching?"  We realized the only thing he'd been watching that would be anxiety producing was the CNN Student News.  We stopped and the episodes left and didn't come back.


So, here we are 2 years later and he's 14.  We've been watching every day since August and he's been fine.  No anxiety.  I guess he was just in a stage where he was old enough to let the reality of the darker things hit him hard (all those girls in Africa had been kidnapped and there were bad droughts in the west--both those things upset him) and too young to process it without it overwhelming him.


I also recommend CNN Student News, but just wanted to share our story in case anything like what we had happen, happens to someone else.  It will depend on the kids and where they are developmentally, of course.

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My oldest loves it, although she doesn't have the time to watch it as much anymore. (Hard to fit in those 10 minutes sometimes!)


My dd#2 doesn't watch it for the same reason Garga's son didn't for awhile. I have deemed it something that the rest need to be older before they watch it on an ongoing basis. It is great, but not if it causes sleepless nights -- and some of my youngers get those when the topics get too depressing/upsetting.

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