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Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Insomnia, I don't like you!


Theology reading

Clean kitchen

Get shower in before workmen arrive

Breakfast school


Defrost chicken and bake for shelter

Upload Latin quiz

Fill out and send in AHG forms - supposed to have done this weeks ago!

Make kids clean their rooms

Supervise academics

15 yo to math tutor @ 1:45

stop gap grocery shopping

Vacuum/dust bedroom (never got to this on Monday)

participate in on line discussions for classes

17 yo has physical training at 4

pizza for dinner


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wednesday!  It's ds' birthday and the first day of school for my non-homeschooling kids!


to do:

lunch for dh

5am walk with friend

paper over ds' door (crazy birthday tradition)

kids up

waffles with a candle

obligatory 1st day photos

do the drop off

go to breakfast

tidy up

fold laundry

buy cupcakes

get my nails done

find birthday sign and blow up balloons

survive first day of school pick up

dinner: walking tacos (ds' favorite)


youth night


healthy habits:

20 min exercise


on plan eating




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Wendy, happy birthday to your ds!  :party:



It's been a little rough with my nephew. He's had headaches every day and didn't feel like going to church. I had hoped to get him out for lunch yesterday, but he had an almost 5 minute seizure late morning. It wiped him out. I'm hoping he'll have better days today and tomorrow. I like to take him out some of the time he's here and want him to feel good and enjoy being here.


Ds' school, taking care of nephew, meds, and meals, are pretty much my lists this week. 



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Good morning! Ds3 and dh left early to play tennis before work/school. ds3 may have found his purpose in life. I have never seen him so crazy about a sport. Dd2 left for school, ds2 is still sleeping. His allergies are really kicking in and I don't think he is sleeping well. Lots to do today.


To do:

school with boys

daily chores

weekly list of chores

make a cake for fun

Paperwork/write check for dd1's parent club

random little things

After school stuff: aikido/swim/homework/swim


Have a great day!

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Still fighting sinus congestion, ick.  May sneak a nap!

  • Dry the clothes I left in the washer last night.  [done]
  • Kids up & out to school.  [done]
  • Take out the garbage.  [done]
  • Pet care.  [done]
  • Clean kitchen, bathrooms, and some clutter.  [done]
  • Work. [done]
  • NEED to fax the dental insurance sign-up TODAY or we'll have to wait another year!  [done]
  • A little reading.  [done]
  • A little exercise.  [done]
  • A little more housework?  [done]
  • Make dental and eye appointments for me.  [dental done.  eye people closed at 2 :/]
  • Kids' work.  [done]
  • Dinner.  [done]
  • Kids to gymnastics.  Work at gymnastics.  [done]
  • Kids shower and to bed.  [done]
  • Work.  [done]
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Good Afternoon!  :)


Made our bed, did a quick bedroom tidy

vacuumed main floor

washed and put away dishes


to do:

take ds to work 

pick up SG and get her ready for gymnatics tonight 

pick up ds from work


read and relax this afternoon!


Have a great day everyone! 

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Well, that was harder than it needed to be.  (The add-my-kids dental form.)  Blah.  Hopefully that is done for good now.


I should clarify.  It wasn't the form that was hard.  It was trying to make it go to the insurer.  First I couldn't print it.  Then after I played around with that a while I got it to print, but I couldn't fax it.  Then I couldn't get on my internet to email it to someone who could fax it.  I called the insurer and (after being on hold forever twice and giving all my info twice) they said I wasn't supposed to fax it, my employer was (on letterhead) - OK I'm self employed, but whatever.  :p  Anyhoo I do believe it went through at last.

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Human care done

Pet care done

Medical care done

dh out the door to work

ds to meeting at the college

dd and I to the library to work on school planning - so far I think we've nailed down biology and world geography.  Oh and literature.  Which leaves algebra, grammar (which I want to add to the lit. on the side), foreign language (Japanese - which I think I sort of have nailed down).  Am I forgetting anything? 


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So I did "a little exercise" and now I have a headache and want to take another nap!  I'm so sick of being sick.  :/


I have a couple of work things I have to do or I'll be in trouble with my boss.  But maybe I could just lie down a little bit ....

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Not a bad day all in all.  I should have done more "work" work, but oh well.  It will still be there tomorrow.


Got a client email at the end of the day.  They've been "randomly selected" for another of those horrible inquests like I had to do a few weeks ago.  At least this time I have a couple weeks' notice.  We have a conference call at 9am tomorrow to discuss.  I had to cancel my 8:40 dentist appointment that I just made.  :/


This is our 4th consecutive day of eating a hot dinner at home.  It's almost surreal to go all week without frantically rushing in the evenings.  I just realized - the reason is that we opted out of soccer this year.  Now I have to decide whether to sign up for swim team (no meets, just practices).  It will mean a crunch to get homework and dinner done 2 nights a week.  Should we just keep swimming for fun when we want to?  Decisions, decisions ....

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Tackling for Thursday:

Reg daily topics: morning folder, AAS FLL WWE ZBHW SM plus short history AND short science BFSU lesson. :gasp: goal: review all number bonds 7-10.

Housekeeping project - all bathrooms detailed, curtains washed,nand bedding washed, all laundry folded.

Planning project:

Plan ahead materials list for next 5 science lessons, next 5 SOTW activities.


Exercise or yoga. Gear research,

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