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  1. I am only chiming in here having seen a very very tiny number of posts and had this thought, So if I decide to wear one, I will be sure to wear it with a shirt that clearly states which candidate I support, And aNOTHeR pin next to the safety pin that says "this is a pro everyone safety pin not an anti Y candidate safety pin, and hope people see all the mixed metaphors and clearly know my intentions!!! Is it too much to hope that if I'm that overt and specific, they may see the real me?!?! Or that I could avoid confusing them?? LOL. No snark just honestly laughing here!! If I offended anyone I am sorry & that was not my intention! In reference to the phone number hotline @ giving someone a piece of my mind if I see what I personally think of as injustice, thanks again To the OP for presenting me with a concrete thing I feel I can do to "be heard" and nothing I am saying should be taken either way to indicate my support or non support of wearing a pin!
  2. If anyone is willing to share reasons why amongst a menu of languages they chose to teach Latin, and alternatively if you chose to NOT teach Latin and chose a different language, why it was not chosen for you homeschool? I'd like to hear your pros/cons, thanks! Edit: if you choose to offer multiple reasons, it'd really help me if you can point out which reason you feel is the most critical or top reason that would really help me out!
  3. Hand down best thread I've come across on this entire forum OP: thank you thank you thank you!
  4. Please don't quote this. Please don't comment unless you choose to do so out of good faith. 8 circles, I apologize to you for calling you out by name and being snarky and for not answering your questions, then saying something mean about you when you voiced frustration over it and reporting on you just because I felt you dared me to, that was totally childish of me. I have unblocked you in my settings. Bibiche I apologize to you for calling you out by name and being snarky and implying you are intentionally causing your friends to attack people to silence them, and for telling others on the main boards what you were talking about them behind their backs. You should be able to voice your frustration and I lost my temper. Childish of me. I actually respect your determination to call out what you see as injustice even if we don't agree on what the injustice is it's still admirable! I have unblocked you in my settings. I am especially sorry for twisting your words back on you and for presuming to speak for you. Twisting your words was insensitive because as much as I could see the irony in the situation, what I am going through is nothing compared to the injustice and Wrongs that lead to the Holocaust. ChocolateReign I apologize to you for calling you out by name and implicating you in the above Lucy Stoner (Kate) I apologize to you for being snarky, rude, contributing to misunderstanding/confusion, and publicly accusing you of thread stalking me, I really respect you as well. Please take me at my word. All four of you I apologize for telling others { in the public chat forum space} that not everyone is welcome in this group even though so many of you { in the politics group} are telling me you want me and everyone to be welcome. I also am sorry that I misplaced blame on you for what I see is a terribly unfriendly atmosphere, you are not to blame. Amira I wish I could have communicated better and I apologize to you for telling others not everyone is welcome here and for not reporting to you when I felt I should - that didn't allow you to moderate. I hope I have not missed anyone! Everyone I apologize for not doing a better job of honing in on what really matters here - becoming a diverse and understanding people and learning to listen to each other through all the noise. Unfortunately for all of you its just in my nature and my Canadian blood to be a poor communicator in pressure / conflict / when emotional. -Betty
  5. I've pulled the trigger and ordered Dale Seymour's Critical Thinking Activities. I really wanted it in the summer based on TWTM recommendation but held back as priority was to other curric spending and $25 seemed like so much to ask but I understand it looks much higher quantity, quality, and value. Thanks for hand holding me through this!!! It looks like it might be too hard for my DD where she is right now. I hope once given the challenge she enjoys rising to meet it! Thanks again!
  6. Thank you :). The bolded sound a lot like us too, low practice and interest. Thanks for helping me think clearer about this by providing me word reminders - visual, spatial, orientation! It really helps me for some reason as I grapple with homeschool questions. It's strange, I know the word orientation but I don't apply them to my problems until someone in the hive reminds me :) :grouphug:
  7. Thanks for this link Farrar I'm doing this today :) wow, so helpful that it offers more starting help (why didn't I think of that as I way to help teach how to solve?? SMH!) I've only offered sudoku a couple times, she just hasn't gotten the point/rules down yet probably.
  8. yes I noticed they call for it by name, what why I want to ask here if it's easily interchangeable for cuisinaire rods in the lessons without having to work Tom hard if I prefer to use them for the reasons Bill Spycar mentioned.
  9. Yes! I'm sorry I wasn't clear I am specifically referring to using the HIG lessons! To clarify, So SM HIG yrs 2-4 could be done just as easily with either cuisinaire or base 10?
  10. Thank you SO much for your time putting this post together! So helpful! we are in our first yr of homeschool and we've gotten our "mandatory" tab stuff down pretty well so it's time to add in some more joy stuff! :D I will google your suggestions for myself as I'm not familiar but if anything leaps out at you as would help my DD with her unique challenges (stay tuned - after next quote) and her age at 8 let me know! Sudoku: I tried this route number puzzles even easy ones, still out of reach for her. I'm going to tell you about my DD's personal struggles with jigsaws for a minute, as an example - maybe you can help me understand what's going on here or maybe you have different advice if you know a little more about why the details "matter" so much in our situation . I'm hoping someone wants to help me troubleshoot this a bit. DD just turned 8. Zero learning issue that we know of knock on wood etc. We are new to homeschooling & I'm new to learning about her skills / challenges in various areas too. She is an AMAZING reader, amazing memorizer, ok to good in math, spelling is a big challenge but she's making good progress on that front with AAS but hates using the tiles so far. Art is a challenge. Stuff involving writing or drawing in general challenging but I don't see anything to concern me whatsoever. Has always been amazing at mazes when it comes to free printable style stuff but all the other types on krazydad are out of reach for her still. Jigsaws: she will try, and try, and try to put an edge piece every way possible in a non edge piece hole and just not "see" that it belongs on the edge by its shape. She also does not seem to "see" the picture and colors very well on pieces and has trouble with the fact that a piece with this color/pattern on it is probably Elsa's dress so will eventually belong... Somewhere around this side of the puzzle. Last spring I tried talking out loud while doing one explaining and modeling my thinking etc. I even made a diagrams haha. it was so strange. Seemed to help somewhat but when left to her own devices and I stopped hinting and controlling she reverted to stubbornly trying to put an edge piece on the inside again! Ugh. Or putting a corner piece where corners wouldn't belong. We just did a pretty basic analogy type " which one does not belong" type exercise in our SM 1 book and she did not happen to be able to get it without help. Again, she did not "see" the important part of the pictures that differentiated them. For her, I am leaning towards the lollipop book because in my first quote in this post, the way Silver kindly described the types of "inference puzzle types 1, 2, and 4" exercises in such detail make me think it might help things click a little with her. Knowing a little more now, could someone give me any insights on what I am missing here for what skills she needs to practice, or ways I can address strengthening these skills just thru basic conversation etc I need to know if primarily logic has the equivalent of the "inference puzzle type 1, 2, and 4" as described. TYIA!
  11. They say k-2 for lollipop, that's why I'm torn... I've made a little list of topics but I don't remember or know what the following means until I get the book. They both have analogies, relationships, and deductive reasoning practice. Primarily logic also has problem solving and organizing Lollipop also has inference, pattern decoding, critical analysis I know it's silly in one way but I feel like we may be missing out on something - the things lollipop does that primarily does not. my DD is not good at these kinds of things yet - we've never done it before, and she finds doing puzzles really really difficult for some reason. Pattern decoding that's obvious, is inference like "if - then" thinking? :) darn I think I started a thread myself about this awhile back... Sorry!
  12. We have Unifix cubes only, I am torn right now between cuisinaire rods and a base ten set, I don't want to buy them both eventually - I want to choose the one of the two they base their lessons around most as we progress into and past Singapore math 2A/B. Which would you choose? I believe I looked up the manipulatives suggested in the 2A/B we will be starting next and I think they said a base 10 set is suggested but not required... But I will want something to do their lessons with that I don't have to think too hard / modify lessons for and will be versatile as well for types of skills strengthened.
  13. I've browsed thru the "look inside " for lollipop logic at Amazon, but still can't decide if it will be just right or my DD will think it's too childish? have any other suggestions on logic? Edit: my DD is 8 years old. Thanks!
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