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  1. The curriculum isn't changing but my and DD7s opinion of it / patience with it sure is! We are flip flopping like crazy it seems. One week we hate X, next week we love it :) and around again! Maybe that's normal?
  2. I read Miss Peregrines a couple of years ago... I can hardly remember it. I guess I am reading too much. DD7 is reading Harry Potter 1, book and audiobook. Various other things like the complete Beatrix Potter collection. Read aloud still Tanglewood Tales for boys and girls by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Her jaw drops slowly as I read - I've never seen her so engrossed. It's time for us to get some new interesting titles started. Me: I'm reading BFSU our science text, TWTM4 and lots of web articles and blogs and so on right now. I'd like to finish the 5th Wave by (? I'm guessing) Rick Y
  3. I just came up with this and thought I'd share :) what better place than ignore this thread. I always feel a little confused /overwhelmed thinking about language arts. Here we go: SWGR (swagger) Spelling writing grammar reading. I got swagger :)
  4. My DD7 seems to love the new ZB book I got her because of 1) the little green dots and 2) because she's seen it before in ps grade 1, lol!
  5. I did not understand free Easy Peasy either until I read they see it as a Ministry. That, I can understand. This doesn't sound like a Ministry type of free thing thou... How / why free?
  6. Oh don't worry I read pgs 1-3 then hit quote, skipped all of the current topic details :)
  7. lol! I'ma delegate that to dd7 :snap!: nice to meetcha! Hope u feel better :)
  8. Oh darn you quoted me before my edit went thru!! Lol great timing! Ok my pencils sharp fire away Captain!
  9. oh my gosh... Please ignore this post!! Classic noob, seeing pages 1, 2, 3 up top and thinking that's all there is, chiming into a convo from a point over 1 year old!! :shame:
  10. About Anne: I fell in love with these just recently. If it were me I'd want someone to ask me to look at memorable faux pas like in her younger years or character traits and ask me to re-write the scene from my own life not just as a journal entry but with an effort to style. . What's a situation where I was Anne, made a mistake, and it all turned out for the good in the end? Or wouldn't it be cute to think of your acquaintances or neighborhood and identify if there are any elderly people like the lighthouse keeper and sisters you can reach out to like Anne did when older. reach out to th
  11. Oxford - obviously architecture. The Camera, Bodlyian library (spelling?), king's college. ( now every year when we listen to the Christmas radio program broadcast from Kings College Oxford, we enjoy reminiscing that we were there). We liked punting on the river, that's a nice outdoors activity. Memorize some great Churchill quotes while there. Read Narnia while there. High tea etc. act out some Shakespeare. I LOVED getting to go see Hadrians wall as a high schooler. Doesn't sound like you will be there but very unique lessons about history Rome and Latin there.
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