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Because apparently I'm insane...


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We are having a Cupcake Wars party for DS.  There are 26 kids coming.


Umm...  Yep.  Insane.  Snow fever?


So... I'm scouring the interwebs for some cool Cupcake Wars printable (invites, banners, that sort of thing) and not finding anything that's quite right.  Lots of cupcake party stuff for little girls, that's easy.  But even pinterest isn't doing it for me.  Nothing seems to have that Cupcake Wars feel, with the little tank sort of gun thing on top of the cupcakes.  It's all ... very feminine.


Anyone want to tackle helping me find printables?  


And plan how to do this for a zillion kids??  


Gaaaaahhh!  I adore throwing big kid parties, but having trouble getting started on this one.   :)

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Well, you could just print out the words in a similar font and color, and add the picture/image. You could do signs or something, or a pennant banner with one of the pennants being the image.

Here's an image (you can do better, this was just to see if anything is out there).


I guess I'd just have a bazillion pre-baked cupcakes and lots of decorating bits, and put frosting in ziplocks and cut the corners to make pastry bags.


I haven't seen the show to see how they do it.


Sounds like mad fun, though!

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don't know anything about cupcake wars - but I've done gummy worms (or other gummy critters) crawling out of cupcakes.  chocolate frosting to look like mud and it is a real hit with boys.  maybe you can make them look like trenches . . . . 

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For the uninitiated, Cupcake Wars is a 3 round competition show based around a pop culture theme.  The prize is money and a display at a celebrity event.  One of the judges is a celebrity judge that has to do with whatever the theme is.  My favorite one was The Sound of Music show where they had some of the daughters there judging.  They even have a kids version occasionally.


First round - 4 bakers judged on 1 cupcake for taste where they are given weird ingredient "inspirations".

Second round - 3 bakers judged on 3 cupcakes for taste and decorations inspired by the theme.

Third round - 2 bakers that create a display and make 1,000 cupcakes from the second round.



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