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Little Monkeys and Moms Groups


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Those are awesome!



And then there's mine


"One little Monkey won't jump on the bed. She cries because she's afraid she'll bump her head! Mommy called the mom's group and the mom's group said"


You're a paranoid parent. If you'd just loosen up and let your child take risks, she wouldn't have so much anxiety. It's not normal for a toddler to have a fear of injury"


(May not be normal, I agree, but it was totally useless advice. The anxiety was a result of sensory issues combined with the ability to read and understand warning labels. OT, tumbling, and maturity helped a lot-but it wasn't me who needed to learn how to relax!)





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They forgot the one about how if you spent time exercising with their program and drinking their brand of shakes you'd have enough energy to supervise them more,or maybe even leap to the rescue to catch them. Or maybe it's that instead of just worrying about their health you should worry about your own, and make time for those workouts/shakes. 


I'm so tired of the shake posts on Facebook. 


Oh, but if you buy the special skin care line (fastest growing in the industry according to all the Facebook posts) you can heal up whatever scars they have!

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