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  1. Meghan'smom - I get it! We have gone several years without raises, even though dh has had a significant promotion. The bonuses that they say are going to be based on meeting the goals set never happen- even though all the goals have been surpassed. They have meetings about how to keep the employees happy without giving them pay raises. They recently fired both the person above and below dh, so he's basically doing 3 people's jobs right now. Last year, his boss quit amid a sexual harassment investigation, so dh was doing that job in addition to his own for awhile- but still no bonuses or anything. Last weekend, he had a meeting on Saturday and a work related golf outing on Sunday and this weekend, they have to go to some bonding thing all weekend long. So, he'll have like 19 days in a row without a day off. He goes in at 5 am and is rarely home before 6, it's not unusual for him to have to work until 7. Ugh. I guess I needed to vent about that too. My dh is sortof looking for a new job, but it's hard to find the time to do that! The 50,000 salary thing though- I think it's a good thing. It just means that if you make less than 50,000 salary, they have to pay you overtime. Dh wouldn't qualify, but if he was paid overtime, we would have it made. Honestly, it would be seriously depressing to take his salary and divide it by number of hours worked. Ugh.
  2. I do not function well on not enough sleep and the last two nights my 14 month old has not let me sleep but for a couple hours. I am exhausted and so irritable. And we just got back from being gone for a week where everyone was running on too little sleep. I just want to SLEEP!!!!
  3. What a wonderful idea! I am not low income and I stay at home, but I would benefit SO much from a class like that.
  4. I'm with the group that doesn't consider ANY person to be trash. "White trash" is a term I hear extremely rarely. If I heard someone use it, it would influence my opinion of them.
  5. Some religious groups do things to help without strings. Many, many individual churches will help anyone who asks. Anyone. There is no ulterior motive. (I know that many groups DO have strings and ulterior motives, but many do not.) They will help if they know of a need even if they are not asked. I'm sorry that this has been your experience and the experience of many others.
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