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  1. Air fryers? Not sure how you fry air.... I can't imagine it tasting good either...
  2. Word for 2020 Well, the 1920's were the Roaring 20s.... but I think a decade is given a word when they are over, not when they are starting....
  3. Host family gift? That is a pretty big gift, and pretty hard to wrap..... Maybe just give away a single host?
  4. It does sound hard... I'm sorry. Raising children when you are divorced (as I assume your husband is) can be hard, and he is likely overcompensating. Raising step-children can be very difficult, and will look very different from how you raise your own children. How long have you been married? Does your step-son live with you, or visit? Honestly, you can not compare your children and step-children- it will put resentment and a wedge in everyone's relationships. Love your step-son, but realize your relationship with him will be different than the one you have with your son, and it may, at times, seem unfair. And as mentioned by another poster.... your step-son didn't ask for this relationship to come about. He might be having a hard time.
  5. I watched Mr. Rogers occasionally. I much preferred Mr. Dressup (Canadian show) I found Mr. Rogers a bit condescending, and honestly even as a child he set off my "creep" alert, and he still does. He is probably just fine, but my alarm bells in my head go off whenever I hear him talk. I hated the Make believe land too. Mr. Dressup, on the other hand, was kind and fun, and had fantastic costumes and craft items in his "tickle trunk", and it was possible to make things he made. Cassey and Finnagin (a puppet boy and puppet dog) lived in a treehouse in his yard (not sure why...) And then another Canadian show... The Friendly Giant. Only a 15 minute show, and I can't even remember what it had in the show itself, but the whole going to his castle and he had chairs (toy sized for him) for us to imagine sitting in, and he would talk to his puppets (a chicken in a bag on the wall, and a giraffe that would bring his head into the open window). Kindness!
  6. I find CLE math to be great and very independent.
  7. I have vaxed my kids, except for 1 specific fax. That said, I think it is a very basic human right to be able to refuse medical treatment/procedures for themself, and for minor children. One of my grandchildren was given a vax by the doctor that his mother had outright refused. I personally consider that a physical assault, and was one (of several, I admit) reasons that I changed doctors for my same-aged child.
  8. I agree - I still see red flags. He admitted to using the tracking app. He envisions this big relationship, one big enough to last through a 6 month job in Europe. The feeling that girls are throwing themselves at him. The long handwritten letter. Even most of his explanation still seems pretty creepy. Are you sure he is leaving for 6 months?
  9. If this is the person and videos I think it is, this person announced some sort of arrangement with Masterbooks a couple of days after the negative review of The Good and the Beautiful. Masterbooks is a company with anti-LDS products. I question her motives in the video.
  10. I had this from about age 13 until my first pregnancy (age 35!) And yes, it was horrible. Sick for 1 to 2 days every cycle (which was very erratic). I remember in my mid 20's... I had just moved and didn't have all my utilities hooked up including phone. My new apartment was across the street from my mother's work. And hormone flu. I walked to my mom's work to phone my work, and also call to get phone hooked up. And, I apparently turned totally white.... My Mom walked me home. And she said she had never realized just how sick I got with my cycle. (And I was thinking that I was faking it or over-complain all these years?)
  11. I grew up on powdered milk. Yes, blended very well, and refrigerated overnight.
  12. Strange, as I was taught in school that it is. "One should do their best" would be an example of one being used as a pronoun.
  13. Well, it was just when dh was a truck driver, and it was mostly for the kids... He picked up a small rock from the Rocky Mountains. Called it "Chip" and did occasionally take pictures of Chip at various places. (His brother / Driving Partner had one named "Rocky") Chip rode around in our glove compartment for years after my dh got a non-driving job. I think Chip is gone now though.
  14. I don't have an Aspie, but I do have an explosive child. So take this with whatever amount of consideration you figure it deserves... I'm sure there are times when your dd has decided something is going to happen that isn't possible.... what do you do then?
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