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  1. I agree - I still see red flags. He admitted to using the tracking app. He envisions this big relationship, one big enough to last through a 6 month job in Europe. The feeling that girls are throwing themselves at him. The long handwritten letter. Even most of his explanation still seems pretty creepy. Are you sure he is leaving for 6 months?
  2. If this is the person and videos I think it is, this person announced some sort of arrangement with Masterbooks a couple of days after the negative review of The Good and the Beautiful. Masterbooks is a company with anti-LDS products. I question her motives in the video.
  3. I had this from about age 13 until my first pregnancy (age 35!) And yes, it was horrible. Sick for 1 to 2 days every cycle (which was very erratic). I remember in my mid 20's... I had just moved and didn't have all my utilities hooked up including phone. My new apartment was across the street from my mother's work. And hormone flu. I walked to my mom's work to phone my work, and also call to get phone hooked up. And, I apparently turned totally white.... My Mom walked me home. And she said she had never realized just how sick I got with my cycle. (And I was thinking that I was faking it or over-complain all these years?)
  4. I grew up on powdered milk. Yes, blended very well, and refrigerated overnight.
  5. Strange, as I was taught in school that it is. "One should do their best" would be an example of one being used as a pronoun.
  6. Well, it was just when dh was a truck driver, and it was mostly for the kids... He picked up a small rock from the Rocky Mountains. Called it "Chip" and did occasionally take pictures of Chip at various places. (His brother / Driving Partner had one named "Rocky") Chip rode around in our glove compartment for years after my dh got a non-driving job. I think Chip is gone now though.
  7. I don't have an Aspie, but I do have an explosive child. So take this with whatever amount of consideration you figure it deserves... I'm sure there are times when your dd has decided something is going to happen that isn't possible.... what do you do then?
  8. There is also the option of custom fit ones. I have to wear them to combat lymphedema. Custom ones are $$$$ though.
  9. RUN! Ok, my opinion.... it is all "watch short video, answer multiple choice about short video". Gets boring. Not challenging. Lots of changes occur with no notice... In the 7 months we used it, the price changed twice, name changed, tutor edition and homeschool edition combined, courses removed, etc. Lots of drama caused by owner and employees in regards to the aforementioned changes on Facebook. Owner does not believe in homeschooling... trying to make their program to be a state funded program. Stated that people need an (accredited) diploma to succeed. In regards to accreditation (which doesn't apply to power homeschool.... only acellus academy), they originally granted themselves their own accreditation (a company with same address). I have seen info that their current one is a meaningless pay-for-accreditation, but have not researched it. And, speaking of granting themselves things, The owner granted himself his own PhD. And... the owner has a lot of other controversy around him.
  10. I don't want to be a short order cook but... Easy! Don't apply for any Short Order Cook Jobs! Done!
  11. Things to do before dc turn 18? The list details are pretty much up to you, but are similar to what to do after they turn 18. Basics might include: Get up, get dressed, eat, work or play or study, have lunch, eat, work or play, etc. Some people even have a bucket list...
  12. Spelling Help People ask a lot of spelling on here, but this is pretty easy... H E L P
  13. I would rather go straight to ten, then find out I should have and didn't. (I still regret my 6 hour delay... if it had been a stroke where there is a 4 hour window of making it go away or be less severe, I would still be blaming myself. I can at least tell myself that in my husband's case, the delay made very little difference.)
  14. Although it coming and going suggests this isn't the case here.... This can be the sign of a stroke. This happened with my husband. One night, not quite 2 years ago, near the kids' bedtime, his speech got strange. He would say a sentence, but some of the words were just wrong. The completely wrong word. Or he would repeat a few words over. Or would have trouble saying a word. It got worse and worse. He would sometimes say "this is crazy" in between trying to say something else... He knew it was messed up. I got the kids to bed. I tried to convince him we should call an ambulance, but he said no. I should have anyway (depending on the type of stroke, there is a medicine that greatly reduces the stroke and its effects if given within 4 hours.) Well, he went to bed, but I was worried and stayed up for quite a while in case... not sure exactly... that maybe he would get up or something. I eventually went to bed, and when I started to get in bed, he woke up, grabbed my arm, and tried to say... something. He couldn't talk... couldn't get a word out. I told him I was calling an ambulance; he shook his head no. I told him I was calling anyway... to consider if I had the same symptoms... and in any case I was calling and he could either get dressed and grab a couple of things, or he could wait for the emt's where he was, but they were coming. He got dressed, grabbed a couple of things in a backpack, and waited near the door. He had had a hemoragic stroke (the type that doesn't have the 4 hour window medicine) and was in the hospital for a couple of weeks, then in a rehabilitation center for a couple of months. He now speaks well enough that it isn't noticeable most of the time. There were some other effects... He is tired pretty much all the time, math is harder, so is stuff like puzzles. He also gets overwhelmed with a lot of things going on at once (interesting with 4 kids at home) and has a much harder time following books and movies/shows. Overall he was fortunate. All this to say.... nobody should take unexpected speech problems lightly!!!
  15. Have you ever taken teen or adult swim lessons?? I have. I highly recommend learning as a child. I was self-taught for swimming... and I am NOT a strong swimmer. When I was in my mid-twenties I did Adult swim lessons through the city - Red Cross. That program was excellent, using the same swim lessons levels as the youth. You were evaluated as to skill at the start, and placed in the appropriate level. There was z terrified of water level too. I did the lessons and learned the proper strokes, and passed all the levels. Over the years, my swimming has reverted back to how I swam as a child. I lost it all over time. Years later, with my step-daughter that had never learned to swim, we tried the teen/adult learn to swim class at the Y. They were horrible. It was never the same teacher, there was a single class for everyone, and there was no plan to it. I'm sure it was not how it was supposed to be, and probably just a problem at that Y... But I'm not impressed. In any case, finding teen/adult classes is hard. It is harder to learn as an adult, and so easy to lose what you learn. It is a last chance option, not a plan for children.
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