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  1. scoutingmom

    Sleep deprivation from snoring spouse

    Canada Note that that was 15 (18) years ago... It was horrible seeing him get worse and worse that 3rd year. When I was trying to get referred (stupid doctor wouldn't refer me) he said it was a 1 year to 18 month wait list.... That was about 10-12 years ago. When I did get the referal, I was placed as super-high priority and had the test after about 2 weeks. My ob/gyn had refered me for a pre-surgery assessment just in case (there was a few risk factors). It was almost amusing... they would ask a question that could factor into a surgery, and my truthful answer was almost always the one that would be a concern. Anyway, they asked sbout any sleep disorders, I answered that I was sure that I had one but couldn't get a referal.... and as I said, within 2 weeks I had the sleep study.
  2. scoutingmom

    Rice paper/spring rolls?

    My kids and I love rice paper wraps. Leftover stir fry is a favourite. Brocolli-slaw or matchstick carrots (raw or steamed). Leftover rice and veggies....
  3. scoutingmom

    Sleep deprivation from snoring spouse

    I agree on pushing for the sleep study. My dh was diagnosed with sleep apnea when there were problems from what should have been a day-surgery and they kept him overnight; whenever he would fall asleep, the oxygen level alarm would go off! But he needed a sleep-study for treatment... and it was a roughly 3 year waiting list. So we waited and waited. Near the end of the 3 years.... my husband would fall asleep constantly. He would be sitting cutting onions, and in the middle of cutting he would stop because he was asleep. He would fall asleep in the middle of talking to you... mid sentence... HIS! His sleep study night arrived... they said he had the worst sleep-apnea they had ever seen. (I don't remember the numbers....) He is not ever to sleep without his machine because the risk of dying is huge for him. He has a BiPap machine, with Oxygen added. It is fairly quiet, but has a slight darth-vader in/out noise, but quiet. Occasionally the machine got really noisy... it generally needed servicing. I now also have a CPap. My sleep study showed a sleep-disorder that is not sleep-apnea but is treated the same. I have wondered if my settings are just right (the settings were determined over a 1 week stretch... where I was over-due for a couple of days, then post-partum. I still remember the phone call as they assessed my results... "Did you know you wake up about every 2 hours for 30 minutes or so?" (Breastfeeding a newborn...) The nose-mask takes getting used to. I Also had to train myself to keep the mouth closed while I slept.
  4. scoutingmom

    Does anyone else watch Hoarders...

    And yes, without mental health support the hoarding will come right back... and if it was cleaned up fairly forcibly it will come back much much worse. I have hoarding genes and a tendancy towards it if I am not careful. I used to have collections (mostly organized and recognizable as collections, and not an overwhelming amount... but more than normal. Stamps, coins, Scouting/Guiding crests, uniforms, manuals, and customizable card games, etc. I have a few things from some but mostly don't feel 'it' about them now. But cleaning up, decluttering, organizing stuff.... decision overlord! What do we do with 'this'. Throw out, donate, keep? If keep, where do I want it? Well if I knew where I wanted it, it wouldn't be in this stuff that needs to be gone through. Gack! I get worn out quickly!
  5. scoutingmom

    Does anyone else watch Hoarders...

    No, a hoarder sees the potential use and function... in everything. My dad was/is a hoarder. Not quite to the total, complete garbage, but close. Our backyard had old school lockers, a fountain drink machine, ceiling tiles from a school's renovation, a few paving stones, a couple of sheds full of who knows what, etc. He always had a plan for the stuff or ideas on how it could get used. The one house we lived in, One entire level of the house had magazines, books, and newspapers piled 3 to 4 feet high. No furniture, nothing but reading material. A few pathways. He had read it all at some point, and would reread it. But think of it... about 800sq ft (the place was 900sq ft I think... so a bit less for the paths) x 3... 2400 cubic feet of paper. The house was on an acreage and caught fire (forest fire season.... cause is unknown still...) The firemen were all commenting on how hot that house burned... the hottest fire ever. The 2 car garage was full to the rafters. But yes, in his head there was a use for everything. Or collections. Or things that would get used.
  6. scoutingmom

    What are your Scouts working on? (Boys & Girls)

    My son has just officially become a youth Scouter! (There are various courses and training, as well as hoops to jump through, to become a scouter, and a youth scouter must do all of them the same as an adult scouter.) I am very proud. He works with the Beavers (ages 5-7). He now counts as an adult for the child:adult ratio instead of a child, as well as has the privaleges and responsibilies of an adult scouter.
  7. I have my DNA up, and it has really helped my genealogy research. If some 3rd cousin once removed or something is a seral killer, I'd be happy if my dna helps get them arrested.
  8. A history curriculum?
  9. scoutingmom

    Weather Whine - feel free to join in

    Extreme cold warning for tomorrow. -45C without windchill. (-50F) And if the car starts, I have errands to run.
  10. scoutingmom

    Self Taught Readers

    Ii also self-taught when I was barely 3. I don't remember it... in my memory span I could always read. I think my siste played "school" with me one day. I was always interested in books, pictures of me at 18 months or 2 years old generally have me holding a book or looking at a book. I also have no clue how I managed it as my eyesight was so bad... I often saw double and I know how blury text is if I don't have glasses. My earliest memory is my mom looking at me and asking what I was seeing (my one eye was turned in). And one of my next earliest memory (age 3) is at the opthamologist appintment, and the doctor being astonished I could read (I always read outloud at that age). It affected the prescription. (I got bifolcals so I could see to read as well as distant... that would have waited until I was starting school normally.)
  11. scoutingmom

    I've never seen this before - Amazon delivery

    At 8:10ish amazon chaged to saying it will arrive December 25-27th, So I figure the 27th.
  12. scoutingmom

    I've never seen this before - Amazon delivery

    We have a packagd that amazon says should arrive by 8PM today. It is 7:45... I am not holding my breath. At keast it is my present to my husband, not one of the kids....
  13. scoutingmom

    Narcissistic mother-in-law and aunt called cps on us.

    I just wanted to say that I'm sorry this happened to you. It is really stressful having cfs called on you, even when it is totally unfounded.
  14. scoutingmom

    "relationship with food"

    This clip from the west wing is the best explanation I have, although it is about Scotch...
  15. scoutingmom

    Dealing with School Refusal

    Hugs. I have dealt with it, but not successfully. The truant officers even gave up. She is 28 now, and struggling. We did everything we could think of.
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