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Not a debate thread, just a book recommendation.  As I'm working through it, I keep thinking about a previous thread.  If anyone else has read it, I'd love to discuss.  It's slow going for me, because I keep having to put it down to absorb and reflect.  Excellent, excellent stuff!


"'Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria' And Other Conversations About Race"


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(maybe take a peek into this week's BAW thread.  It is among one of a slew of MLK-week related recommendations.  I haven't read it yet myself, but perhaps others over there have.)


Thanks for that! I'm going to start plowing through the thread now.  I see it's on the list in the OP! And that thread is 5-star reviewed!


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A lot of people have confessed that they accidentally down vote threads on their phones. I'm going to assume that happened. This is a pretty tame thread so far. :)


Yep. That's happened to me a few times on my phone. It's very easy to do by accident. 


OP, I second Pam's advice (and was going to suggest it if someone else hadn't). You don't need to plow through the thread unless you want to. That first post should give you all you need. As you saw it's full of great suggestions.

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