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9th grade plans..(tentative is fine-lol)

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The rock hiding option really sounds great, I'm definitely going there if this plan doesn't work out:)


Lit, History, LA, --MFW

Science --Apologia Biology

Music -- guitar

Language --Chinese w/tutor

Math --MUS Geometry

Logic --? still thinking


Maybe will do extra spelling with Spelling Power

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I'm finally getting around to this. My plans are still fairly tentative though. This is my last high schooler so I thankfully don't feel anxious this time around. I've been there, done that - twice. ;-) Otter is also fairly confident what direction he's going to go career-wise, so that helps. I know 9th grade is a bit early for that in some ways, but my other two made their plans early on and stuck with them and I know he's likely to do so as well.


Anyway, here are my tentative plans for 9th:


Bible - ?? Some of our Bible studies will be incorporated into our biology studies.


English - Analytical Grammar (one year schedule), and ???, maybe WriteShop


I've been throwing around the idea of using parts of Omnibus I for a literature & Bible combo but ?? I'll also use something for spelling as Otter still needs to work on that.


Foreign Language - Learnables Spanish (moving into Level 2), little bits of Lingua Latina or some possibly Cambridge Latin if we have the time


Math - Probably TT Algebra with LOF


Science - My own version of CK-12's Biology text. I've been working on editing it so that it's from a Christian perspective and also adding in different resources like better video links, etc. along with some humor. We'll be doing plenty of labs, etc. with it. I'll be posting the finished schedule, book, workbook and other resources on my website sometime around August.


History - We'll continue to go through the Awesome History Timeline Schedule. That's been working out really well for us.


Other things:


Police Explorers, CHP Explorers


Boy Scouts


I've been tossing around the idea of trying out block scheduling. Still mulling that one over though.

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Grammar - Fix It & possibly Rod & Staff 7 w/o the writing

Writing - WWS 2 & Elegant Essay

Lit - MFW Ancient Lit. plan & Windows to the World

Logic - Introductory Logic with DVDs

Math - Foerster's Algebra I (beginning now and working through summer) to be followed with Math Without Borders Geometry and sugg. text

Science - Apologia Biology with Red Wagon DVDs (though looking at Shepherd)

History - MFW AHL

Bible - MFW AHL & Summit Ministries series

Latin - TBD??

Foreign Language - Pending? Pimsleur German?

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I'm all :scared: :willy_nilly: about ninth grade. I shouldn't be....I've been thinking about it since last summer....but here I am .....


Absolutes are:


Math: Saxon Algebra I with the Saxon teacher cds

Science: CPO Physical, Earth and Space

Foreign Language: German I - free with Deutsch im Blick


Almost absolutes:


History/LA: A'la WTM but.....I just don't know yet what program I'm going to use to walk us through it schedule wise...I've picked up some Great Courses and such....I'm just such a fence sitter....

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I think I've got my plan set for my 2nd high schooler....


Math - Pre-calculus AoPS

History - Biblioplan Year 1 Ancient History

English - Bravewriter writing/literature, grammar (not sure what yet)

French 2 - BJU French and Rosetta Stone

Chemistry - Quarks and Quirks

Geography - Trail Guide to World Geography high school plan

Computer Science - TeenCoder Java and Andriod

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  • 1 month later...

I think we've finally solidified the coming year. I've even got most all of the curriculum purchased and I'm ready to start digging through and scheduling.


Bible - The Kingdom of God: A Guide for Old Testament by Francis Breisch Jr. w/guide and tests from Christian Liberty


(Honors) English/Writing/Language Arts/Literature - This has proven to be the toughest class to figure out and will end up being quite cobbled together using the following resources.


Analytical Grammar season 2

Wordly Wise 3000 Book 9

Oak Meadow English 9 (without the grammar)

Writing the Essay (technically, we're actually doing this over the summer)

Writing the Research Paper (we may also be doing this one over the summer)

Jensen's Format Writing

The Exciting World of Creative Writing



Literature List - I'm leaving some wiggle room here. Only the first 5 must be done, the rest are open to substitution, though DS14 helped choose the books.


The Wizard of Earthsea (OM9)

Animal Farm (OM9)

To Kill a Mockingbird (OM9)

Our Town (OM9)

Romeo & Juliet

Edgar Allan Poe's Tales of Mystery and Madness or Tales of Death and Dementia

Around the World in 80 Days

The Old Man and the Sea

A Separate Peace

A Tale of Two Cities (Europe)

The Good Earth (Asia)

Things Fall Apart (Africa)

Whale Rider (Australia/New Zealand)

End of the Spear (South America)

Shabanu: Daughter of the Wind (Middle East)

Endurance: Shakleton's Incredible Voyage (Antarctica)


Math - Teaching Textbooks Geometry. *We actually already started this and, so far, DS is enjoying it. I am still unsure as to whether we'll do the co-op class for the extra support or if he will be okay without it.


Social Studies - Oak Meadow World Geography.


Science - Apologia Biology at co-op class. *He has also decided that he would like to read the Holt Environmental Science book that Oak Meadow uses but without doing the entire course. He said it looked interesting.


Foreign Language - Co-op class utilizing the book Easy Spanish Step-by-Step.



Physical Education - Tang Soo Do (year-round), baseball (spring/fall), swimming (year-round)

Fine Arts - Photography co-op class if it is determined that we won't be doing the Geometry class since they both meet at the same time.

Electives - Drama (Fiddler on the Roof)


Am I missing anything?

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I think I finally have a mostly finalized plan for next year.


English - R&S 9/10 Book 1, Word Within the Word 2, CW Herodotus, and 1/2 CW Advanced Poetry

Math - Geometry by Jurgensen, Brown, Jurgensen (if I can find it at a decent price)

History - Ancient history using Spielvogel's Western Civilization, Bauer's History of the Ancient World, and lectures from Noble's Foundations of Western Civilization for the core

World Literature 1 - Ancient literature using The Well Educated Mind, TTC Vandiver lectures, and other resources. Actual list of books still tbd.

Science - BJU Biology 4th edition

Latin - Latin Alive 3

Spanish - BJU Spanish 1

PE - logging hours of activity (walking, biking, jump rope, videos, etc.)

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7 - Math - Saxon Algebra 2, Learnerstv - review geometry and introduce Trigonometry 8 -Greek - Papaloizos Modern Greek and still deciding between Athenaze or koine 9- historyofphilosophy.net AND Word within the Word and software voabarcade coordinated to the text (3 days a week) and CAD - learnerstv 2 days 10- Spanish - Mi Vida Loca, Salsa (for little kids), and Visual Link 11- Electronics - PLTW digital Electronics, videos and syllabus from allaboutcircuits.com, circuit challenge, and Terrell textbook (4days) and Permaculture - free video course (40 lessons - not the new 72 hr one) (1 day) 12- Bible- Balancing the sword and Cat and dog theology 1- Essentials in writing (3 days) and Aerospace engineering (2 days) - MIT, Nasa space shuttle manual, PLTW Aerospace Engineering, and Fly to Learn 2- Philosophy - Philosophy Adventure and Peter Kreeft books (we'll be reading these outloud dramatically) (4 days) and Gilskirk Modernity lecture on Friday - done by 3 at latest on Friday 3- Logic- Art of Argument, James Madison (Tues, - Thurs) and Gileskirk reading assignment on Monday Evenings (4 days week) - Guitar and possibly Music community games

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Okay, here is our mostly finalized plan:


MFW Ancients for history, literature and Bible

Analytical Grammar review (Great World Authors) & Art of Poetry (started in 8th; will continue to spread throughout HS)

Holt Geometry

Apologia Biology

La Clase Divertida Spanish 1

Violin, string ensemble, volleyball, Special Olympics buddy for swimming and basketball, various service projects


Our electives are less firm. I'm not sure when we'll start or what we'll use:

Logic (probably Traditional Logic)

Koine Greek (Should we do Elem Greek 3 now or wait a little while and do Mounce or Machen down the road instead?)

Discovering Music

Any thoughts on art appreciation?

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