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  1. Omnibus from Veritas and Roman Roads media has great literature program - can also use both together.
  2. This is an interesting book - it is the only spanich text my son has liked.
  3. I've gone through a total of 9 kids for 1st grade. My favorite supplements were: EPGY for 1st/2nd - it is computer based, can get with scholarship or subscription to make it cheaper - it teaches set theory as the basics are taught - not a game, but fun for kids. Sigfried Engleman's Give your child a superior mind (Terrible title) - while it is designed for kids very young, the math part is very good for kids who are working at no more than 2nd grade level. basically, you teach it, but you learn to teach in a creative and accelerated fashion. So, kids learn directions, all the basic operations, greater than-less than, simple algebra and geometry, skip counting, simple logic and thinking skills, etc... Superior Math (Young Scholars program) - HUGE worktexts that have kids doing algebra from the very start- kids learn basic operations, basics of formal geometry, telling time, etc.. all while learning real math - by level 3 kids are learning trigonometry and simple calculus, while practicing the basics. All taught in a way that elementary kids can "get it". And for kids who are really good readers, I have used Modern Math Enrichment Program (it is a programed text that teaches geometry, number theory, and set theory at elementary level - best for grade 3 reading level and up)
  4. well - I think both are appropriate and have used both. My oldest learned to read sight words before she was1. At 2 we used phonics with sight words. At 4 she was reading Shakespeare and understanding it. At 8 she compared and analyzed Divine comedy and Till we have faces. My 2nd and 3rd kids used sight reading after phonics failed them at age 5. Then I switched to learning to read using Hebrew phonics when at 6 they weren't reading. That worked and so we used the sight reading books as easy readers. Next 2 used phonics at age 2-3 and it worked fine. Next 1 didn't catch onto reading using phonics or sight reading - even tried a private school - then at age 7 he learned to read with whole word method. Never learned phonics and it shows in very poor spelling. So - I now know - whatever works and at whatever age.
  5. Missouri state university has a course (THE101 - I think) available on youtube. I think Compassclassroom offers a film course (with focus on doing).
  6. Thanks everyone for all your suggestions! He has decided that he wants to apply himself and actually learn this year - YEAH! (Thanks to big brother's input about the need for a college education). He has finished Saxon Geometry- said it was easy. Soo - this month he has started with Life of Fred algebra AND AoPS videos - while we wait for the delivery of Math Relief. He will do 2 hours a day - so he should finish algebra 1 and 2 this year - with the understanding that next year he has no options of backtracking. I explained to him - when you slack off and then try to make up the difference, it means more time and effort.
  7. he finished 1/2 of TT algebra 1, all of saxon algebra and saxon geometry - scoring 80% and scored almost 100% on standardized test. he wants to redo all of saxon! I need opinions and options. he is 15.
  8. would like to buy this from the co=op - any idea if I use paypal does it go through immediately or does it hold off payment till the end of promotion?
  9. Spanish 1 - visual link and blaine tprs Greek - papaloizos English - Hake for easy grammar review, essentials in writing, workbook for argument Literature - balancing the sword 1, old western culture, divine comedy with yale lectures and some documentaries, mythology and more history - from creation to caanan science - finish bju biology bible - bible and its influence, unlocking the bible videos music - music learning community, guitar logic- james Madison and possibly traditional logic 1 philosophy - kreeft books, historyofphilosophy.net fitness - weights, basketball, hiking/running, swimming saxon algebra 2
  10. http://www.tpr-world.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=3000-02 Fluency Fast (100 most frequent words - 15 hr class) tprs readers from www.wor.com Magic Key Visual Link McGuffey Spanish
  11. has anyone used or seen the programmed music theory course (basic materials, bridge, harmonics, etc..)?
  12. BJU has video course (with included text but not workbook and all) online - it is usually offered in December for 100 for the one yr course. includes quizzes and tests. also, there is tprs stories from www.wor.com ; magic keys ; programmed reading; etc.. visual link looks great
  13. So far, I have finished several Latin books, a couple Greek, these Spanish ones (but now I have to do the keys and workbooks), some large print reprints, and math. I've also written an autobiography, a baptism book for the Anabaptists (no longer in print), ghost wrote a safety manual for a school shop, and finishing (going on 5 yrs of finishing LOL) a rather technical book on consciousness research. I also wrote a phonics book. Nothing incredible - BUT, I have a lot of fun writing them LOL. The Spanish books will be released one at a time. So far, I've only finished the first 4 books. And now that he wants keys and workbooks, I'm not sure when I'll be able to finish the set. Why? Because the last books switch from easy reading focus to using proper grammar and punctuation (Spanish style). Forms and declensions of previously learned words are introduced. While the focus of the first 4 books is on ease of reading, the books are not merely simple translations of McGuffey readers. Additional material is included, similar to material found in Magic Key. I've been told it is like reading an old school primer peppered with Magic Key-like stories.
  14. LOL - well... actually I heard this from my publisher. He has a lot of my textbooks sitting there waiting to be decided on and/or published. I just got word that this one is a "Go". It should be released in early September. However, he wants me to write the answer key and a workbook to go with it - so, I'm busy on those.
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