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Super Bowl-the commercials


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Farmer commercial! I love Paul Harvey & love my daddy, my pappy & the rest of my family who farms.

Jeep commercial - coming home - yeah, I might have gotten a little teary.

Taco Bell senior citizens - rolled laughing.

Budweiser Clydesdales - maybe teary again. :)


Those were my favorites.

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I miss Paul Harvey. Loved his voice.


ALl together, I was disappointed in the quality of the commercials. Some I did like (sort of in chronological order) were World War Z, Milk (though I do wonder if The Rock actually drinks it), Jeep, M & M commercial, voodoo ones but have don't remember what they were selling, Star Trek movie, Wolf commercial and I know it was a car commercial but which one?.Tide commercial, Dodge Farmer commercial, Gagnam Pistachio commercial.Kia baby commercial, Mercedes devil commercial/ OH and I did like the international Go Daddy one.


I did not like - the repulsive kissing Go Daddy one- I turned off the tv to the yelling of my dh the second time that aired, I couldn't take it again, then I also didn't like the Calvin Klein underwear one- but I figured it was meant for the SF audience in SF


Now the ones I may buy or do buy- M& M, Milk, both movies I cited, Tide, Pistachios, and I have bought a Mercedes before (used and for around 6K,) and may buy my youngest a Kia (she really wants one but I have to see what we will find used).

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I liked the Farmer one - don't even remember what it was advertising. Oh - a truck? Also the Clydesdale one. I watched so little of the game that I'll have to check youtube to see everyone's favorites.


What was with the beer commercial with the black cgi fish? That was just weird.


They're making a World War Z movie? Huh. That'd be a hard one to film, seems to me.

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I didn't see any of the commercials yesterday since I didn't watch the game, but I've been watching the Clydesdale one here and there all day long, and crying like a baby every single time. Reminds me of the way I wept when my oldest turned 18; I'm probably crying for most of the same reasons. (*sniff*) The first time I watched it, it was right before I had to log into class on Skype to transcribe a class, and I was a mess -- couldn't see straight with tears streaming down my face.


For some reason, my kids have been rolling their eyes all day long, too. Um, do you think there's a connection? ;) When I came out from working one of my classes, I had tears in my eyes and my daughter said, "Did you watch it again?" I said, "He'd be such a good husband {fake sobbing} -- want me to see if I could fix you up?" :D

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