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Happy Anniversary to me

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Today, 14 years ago, I married one of the best men in the world. :001_wub:


A month after his proposal we decided to take off for the weekend and elope. It was so fun. Just the two of us driving through Europe to the town where we were married by a man who spoke English with a very heavy accent. :D


When we arrived at the hotel we discovered that my bag with my shoes was forgotten at home. Ahem, not by me. ;) So the day before we were married we scoured every shoe store for a pair of boots for me....it was end of Oct in Denmark and it was cold! I wear a size 5 (US) and there were no boots in my size that weren't little girl boots. It took awhile to find a pair, but we did. I still have those boots. Then we had thawed ourselves in a little cafe.


The best part was going to work on Monday and surprising everyone that I had gotten married.


We did have a wedding ceremony 6 months later in the States with family. We both agree that our elopement was more enjoyable. No family tension, no squabbles, no mother issues, no drama from sisters, no stress about food, cake, dresses, decorations, etc. Eloping was so fun, exciting, and romantic.


My dh tells our boys to try and elope when the time comes. :lol:


I still have my little dress suit and shoes I wore. It still fits! Although a bit shorter than I'd be comfortable wearing now. My preferred dress length was different when I was 22. :tongue_smilie:


A lot has happened in 14 years and I still feel the same giddiness when I think of dh. There are some things in the past 14 years I'd do differently but not the decision of who I married, when, and how. He's the best.


Now, to celebrate the day by starting lessons. :smilielol5:

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Hope you had a wonderful anniversary.


Thanks! We're going kayaking on the weekend. I'm excited. This will be the first time in many years that we do something for our anniversary. I told him now our youngest is old enough to be without me, I wanted to kayak so he'd better make it happen. :lol:

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