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DS14 got his first job!

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And he doesn't even know it yet lol. He is at cadets right now, but the A&W called when we were out and offered him p/t daytime hours. He will call them tomorrow to confirm but he got it! We thought it was a no go because the interview was last Tuesday, he had no references etc. and we had not heard anything before going out today. He will be so thrilled when I pick him up and tell him they called :D


And he and I will have to make a plan to be sure he still gets his school work done even if working during the day (at his age he can only work 3 hours a day max so it shouldn't interfere too much). In all honesty, the skills he will learn working out rank history at this point kwim, especially with his disabilities.


Thank goodness for homeschooling. If he went to ps he would not have gotten it. Homeschooling gives him the flexibility to make both school and work balance out.

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That's great! Here they won't hire 14 year olds... have to be 16 or older... (at places like A&W) :) Good for both of you!! :)


Everywhere else is 15-16+ The A&W hires at 14 only to work as a cashier and keeping the diningroom clean etc. Never in the back, and they can not schedule him for more than 3 hours a day

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Awesome!! Glad to see someone is hiring high school age. Those jobs are taken by seniors and college students here; very rare for a high schooler to get a fast food job.


If we lived in the city it would be much harder for him to find work especially with his disabilities. Small town means fewer people applying.

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I heard it was because he wore his lucky Edmonton Oilers t-shirt!!!!!!




:lol: Don't tell him it was lucky, I have a hard enough time getting him to put his shirts into the laundry as it is. If he thinks it is lucky he will never wear another one again.

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