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Dr. Hive, is it safe to run 5k four days before potential baby is to implant?

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Asking for a friend...

My friend Rebekah and her husband are attempting to conceive their 2nd child. (This will be month one of their efforts). She's been running for about 9 months now and wants to do her first 5k race this month (October). She will have ovulated 4 days before the race. She's concerned that, if they've successfully conceived by race day, that running may affect the implantation. She's paid a hefty registration fee and this was her GOAL made 9 months ago (to run THIS particular race). She only wants to run it if it has NO potential effect on their conception effort. From what I've read, implantation occurs 6 - 12 days after ovulation.



She ovulates on day 14; race is on day 17.


Anyone have expertise/words of wisdom in this area?

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Not an expert, but if she is conceiving naturally (ie, not an implantation procedure from IVF), and she started running prior to pregnancy and is just continuing to practice an established routine of activity...can't see how it would hurt anything. Maybe if she were going to do a marathon, but not just a 5K.


Of course, there is the whole mental aspect of the issue. Is she going to beat herself up if she decides to run but doesn't end up pregnant? Honestly, that would be a hard way to live while TTC normally. I wouldn't want to second guess every common activity of daily life with the idea that perhaps somehow I'd prevented an egg from implanting.


Hope she's not overthinking the whole thing.

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I was actually running about 10 mile long runs (training for a half marathon) when I got pregnant with our 3rd. Now I hadn't been specifically trying, but no, the running, for me, did not affect the implantation or pregnancy negatively.


I would assume is would be fine, especially as she has already regularly been running.

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Has she had any health issues that are causing her to worry? Has she had trouble maintaining pregnancies in the past?


The biggest thing here is, she has no idea as to whether or not she will get pg this month. She and her dh could try for a long time before anything happens.


Personally, I think this is something she needs to decide based on how she will feel if she gets her period next month. If she's always going to worry that she might have been pg and that running the race "killed" her baby, then she shouldn't run -- for no other reason that her own emotional well-being.


Unless she has known issues with past pregnancies ending early and badly, I think the only problem with her running in the race is how she will feel when she gets her period next month -- and realistically, odds are pretty high that she will, because the odds aren't that incredibly great that she's going to get pg the first month she attempts to.

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