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Why would my ds11 have some dull yellow in the whites of his eyes?

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He just got over a 24 hour nausea bug. He never threw up, just felt yucky. DD9 had it Monday. Could it be not getting enough fluids for 24 hours? He drank a water bottle yesterday and then had two Gatorades, one last night and one this a.m. He had saltine crackers yesterday and a normal diet with drinks today. Nothing different than what we've done int he past with a stomach bug. He's never had the yellow eyes after a bug and it may not have a thing to do with it, but I thought I would mention illness. What could be going on?

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ds has Gilbert's syndrome. It causes the whites of his eyes to yellow when he is under a lot of stress either mentally or physically.


When it first appeared, I was the only one who would notice, and I thought i was imagining it. It only lasts a day or two and then disappears again. One day it was dark enough that i was confident his eyes were yellow, I took him to the doctor to be tested. His billirubin was high and based on the other tests the doctor had ran, he determined it was Gilbert's.


I would definitely have him tested and find the cause. Gilbert's is benign, but there are many liver conditions that are not.

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Well, that next day (Sunday) they looked better, but we still had a church friend dr. look at him at church. He said if it came back to go to the dr., but to him they looked okay. He said it could have been from the little bug he had and that Hep. A would be rare. He wasn't concerned. Sorry for not updating sooner. Newborn, homeschooling, little busy... ;)

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