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Give me permission to sell my Wonder Mill

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Last month I sold my hand crank grain mill for the same amount I paid for it 7 years ago (used). My Bosch is the next to go, and then probably my Nutrimill. I just need to set up a new email account. I was thinking I don't want all of the Craigslist people emailing my home account.


If you don't love to use it, or even use it, let it go! I give you permission.:lol:

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I would contact one of the ladies that said they would like to give it a try.


I have a mill and love it. I like the freshness of the flour, and the knowledge that nothing has been added nor taken out. We used to do wheat berries, went glutten free, gave my mill to my oldest dd, purchased a new one to be used for gf grains.


As far as cost, for the glutten free grains you save any where from 1/3 to 1/2 by milling your own.

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