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  1. lol No more opinions! I have to finish planning this! :lol: Actually, thanks everyone for helping me think through this. And for sharing your vast knowledge, Lori D! I've decided to stretch out history another couple weeks so that I can add in a little more. We're starting in the Civil War, anyway, to allow for more depth. So, it works to add more time. (will review early American briefly next year with government.) So! Up From Slavery, Silas Marner, All Quiet on the Western Front, Of Mice and Men, Evidence Not Seen, Night, The Chosen, and I Dared to Call Him Father. For summer reading, I'm assigning the Giver, Lost Moon and October Sky. (I love the Hiding Place. It was on his summer reading for last year.)
  2. Ok, you've convinced me- Going to keep All Quiet on the Western Front. ;) (And he'll actually be 17 by the time we read it. Needed to update my signature) I'm going to switch out Night for something a little lighter. I've got a lot of other WW2 stuff planned in the history portion. We don't need to bog him down with heavy, sad history the whole time. :) Thanks for all the suggestions and talking me through all this!
  3. Oh awesome, that's quite a list! Thank you! Yeah, the autobiographies are more for the history side. He'll be reading poetry, a play and all that at co-op. They're also reading for class: Huck Finn, to Kill a Mockingbird and something else I can't remember. I want to do our own lit analysis with some of the books we do on our own. But they don't all need to meet that criteria. Thanks for the heads up. I know Night isn't going to be pleasent reading. But, I do want him to read it. I picked Western Front from book lists and to try and have something boy-friendly that he would enjoy. Maybe that wasn't the best choice! I'll have to rethink that. Any suggestions?
  4. Where do I look to find guides if I'm piecing together my own curriculum. DS is doing some American Lit at co-op, but I also want to add our own as what he's doing there doesn't seem very full and I want some things to add to his history. So far I've found Progeny Press and Memoria, but I'm not finding all the books I want. Where else should I look? Not everything has to be in depth, since it's a supplement to co-op. And some of them are just to enhance history. But I don't want to tackle a few of these books without some guidance. We're planning to read: Up From Slavery All Quiet on the Western Front Of Mice and Men Night The Chosen I Dared to Call Him Father
  5. I count it as high school for my kid that did it in high school. She'll have PS, Biology, Marine Biology and Chemistry. My other two did it in 8th grade and won't have it count for high school.
  6. When I was in high school, my history teacher started in the 1920's and we spent most of the year on those 75 years. His reasoning was that each year you start with the Revolution and never get to the history most relevant to us. I'd like to do something similar for my son's history year coming up. However, the only thing I've seen that is like this is Sonlight's Core 300. He really would like a textbook or 2, not a ton of books to juggle. Is there anything out there that focuses more on modern history than the whole thing? Even if it was world history, we could work with it. That might even be preferable. What history textbooks are out there?
  7. Thanks. I think I will just continue with what were doing. I've learned that lesson the hard way in the past. lol But, when something is free it's hard not to wonder if I'm just being too picky. ;)
  8. I don't see it listed in the math sticky. How's it measure up with the others? DS has done Foerster's Algebra 1 with Math w/o Borders and is currently doing Jurgensen's Geometry. I was planning to use Foerster's & MWOB again, but was given A Beka Algebra 2. How's it compare? It'd be nice to save $.
  9. I have the same thing going on. Also felt yuck for years, but had gotten much worse lately. The pain was every time I ate, but the fist radiating to the back came and went. Kept me up many nights and I almost went to the ER once. (Probably should have, but really, who wants to do that?) Dr has ruled out gallstones and I had an h-pylori test that I have to go back for next week. A friend suggested celiacs, so I'm going to ask about that when I go in next. I will say, it has gotten so much better doing the Whole30 elimination diet. I have felt great. I did have one attack about 2 weeks in, but nothing since. Perhaps try changing your diet? I don't know. Hoping we all find answers soon! Dr Google seems to say that all the symptoms for all the abdominal issues are the same. So, that's going to be fun trying to figure things out.
  10. Any updates on how you like it now that we're further into the year?
  11. I see so many people posting about Videotext lately! We bought mod 1 at convention, bug when I try to make sense of it, it's just not computing. I can't easily figure out which quiz I need to print out or where everything on the computer is that we're supposed to be doing. I know I could call and they'd help, but I want it to just make sense.
  12. 4 - 2x =g -2x=g - 4 X = (4 - g) / 2 Help me out here; it's been a few years. ;) How does the negative distribute when you move the 2 over? Why is the 2 positive, but everything on top opposite? Would it also be correct to say x = (g - 4) / -2?
  13. Mine have all done MM1-5. Guess we don't like 6 lol They've all dropped it for something else at that point. DS went on to IMACS Elements. #2DD switched to TT7. And #3DD switched to LoF Fractions & Decimals.
  14. I can pay for the manual, if I must. ;) I couldn't find the Foerster's Manual used and had to buy it new for $65 That was a bit of a let down to pay so much and get a thin, tiny, plain paperback. Felt like it needed a little gold plating or something :lol: This Solution Manual?: http://www.amazon.com/Geometry-Solution-Ray-C-Jurgensen/dp/0395677661?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00
  15. I've been reading through all the geometry posts and am feeling a little overwhelmed by all the choices. If you liked the style of Foerster's, which Geometry did you use? I do want something with proofs and can teach it, but want a solutions manual. I loved Geometry when i was in high school.
  16. Lori D, thank you for all that. So very informative and helpful. Please do list out programs!
  17. Ok, so, would it be ok to jump in at American Lit with a 10th grader? Looks like it's a 5 book set and that's book 3.
  18. Oh my goodness, that's a weight off. I did think it was their product. I'll have to look at it more closely. Thanks!
  19. More info: DS will be in 10th grade next year, but took a few high school level classes in 8th. He's taking a general "English 9" class right now that was grammar 1st semester & Lit secon with vocab and spelling worked in. Last year, he took a "High School Writing" class that had a little grammar and a lot of writing. He's also done R&S English 2-7. He hates grammar and I don't see a reason to make him do more, as he understands it pretty well. He's also a science kid. So, he doesn't really want to have input in this. He'll do what I assign, but doesn't want a say on what that is. (as long as it's not grammar lol)
  20. My older girls have used R&S for several years. It gets the job done. (and takes them about 10-15 minutes. The lessons are pretty short)
  21. Thanks for the ideas so far. Especially, the huge, long detailed post :) Christian is ok. I've been thinking I should reread through the high school section of WTM. But, we're planning on moving this summer and it's already packed away. Perhaps it won't be too difficult to find. 😕 About Excellence in Lit. I was looking at that Saturday at a local little conference. I really liked the looks of it, and the rep showed me writing that went with it, which is nice to integrate those. But, then she showed me a huge set of teaching dvds that explained how to teach IEW, saying that I should watch those so that I'm familiar with the IEW way of teaching, etc. It got a bit overwhelming. We don't use IEW. My dds took a co-op class when they were younger, but I kinda hated it, then. (They were not ready for it all and kept making run on sentences trying to fit all the dress-ups and clauses, etc in) The ds I'm looking for lit for hasn't had any IEW (but he has had a lot of other writing) So, is EIL going to be doable? Will I have to immerse myself in the IEW ways? Thanks! And I welcome any other ideas, too!
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