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First day

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Congrats--I'm sure she is well-prepared! :grouphug:


How ironic that you posted that, lol! I was up most of the night convinced I didn't do enough to prepare her and she will fail and it will be all my fault... :tongue_smilie:


She texted after her first class and called after her second. She seems happy and sounds excited and said she is having fun!!!! :D I get to pick her up in 45 minutes!!!!!! Woo-hoo!!!!!!!!

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My ds had his first day at b&m school last year at the age of 16 at community college, and he loved it and has never looked back. He loves college so much that I asked him if he was sorry he didn't go to high school and he said not at all, if that makes you feel better. I was worried that he was not mature enough, not well prepared, but he got a B+ on the very first essay question that was 1/2 of his whole history grade and he got an A+ on the second essay question that was the second half of his grade a month later. I am sure your dd will be better than fine.

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