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  1. Ds9 needs an eval or a test to meet state reqs each year. He completed 3rd grade last spring and is currently in 4th grade. With all of my older dc, every November, (Thanksgiving week) we would do the ITBS to meet the state req. I didn't do it yet this year and only have 2 who need it - ds9 and dd12. (My oldest is done with school and dd16 is at college, so... ;) ) Anyway, I think an eval by a state certified teacher would be preferable to a "test" for ds9 but I have NO idea how to go about such a thing. I know several teachers quite well and would ask one of them, but I know they would want to know what it is exactly I need for them to do and I actually have no idea. Plus I have no idea how the payment for such a thing works. Ds9 is ADHD and an Aspie. (Although often he seems more "autism like" than "Aspie like," if that makes sense.) He has severe dysgraphia so his writing is horrific and his ability to "bubble in" test is non-existent. He reads quite well and seems to grasp his math concepts just fine, but evaluating him and/or testing him with his limitations while showing his capabilities seems a daunting task. I am up for it, but I could really use some guidance, advice, opinions, BTDT experiences, etc. Thank you. :) (Please feel free to offer an opinion on testing vs evaluating, if you think one is better than the other. If I go the testing route, I will have to make accommodations for him, whether the state likes it or not - longer test time, someone to fill in the bubbles for him, etc.)
  2. My oldest daughter went through puberty rather early. :( It was a nightmare and I was scared spitless she and I would end up like my mother and me - no relationship. But over the last couple of years, she has grown and matured SO much and now she is basically my buddy. I can count on her like no other and we just enjoy doing things together, whatever it is. IOW, it does pass. And the reason my mother and I have no relationship is actually because she was extremely abusive and dysfunctional. :( (Still is.) Dd and I fought and bashed heads more times than I can possibly count or remember. There were tears ALL over the place, for probably 2 years. But it was *normal.* There was no abuse or dysfunction. There was honesty and emotion and talking and yelling and crying, but no belittling or demeaning or shredding or humiliating or... I could go on... Keep it real and hang on for dear life. (((hugs))) "This, too, shall pass...." ;)
  3. We brine and we love it. We use Alton Brown's recipe and haven't had any issues. We buy fresh, all natural turkey, so no injections of anything in it.
  4. I grew up overseas so having family over or going to see family wasn't an option. Now I live 15-20 minutes from my parents and my mil and brothers-in-law. For the first few years of our marriage, we ran all over God's half acre on every holiday - morning at our house, church, my parents' house, his mom's house, and home. About 5 years of doing that and we cried "uncle!" Now holidays vary, we will go to his mom's house or my folks' house but not both, depending on the holiday - EXCEPT Christmas. Christmas is at our house. Anyone is welcome at any time - join us for gift opening, breakfast, dinner, evening, whenever you want, as long as you want, but we don't leave our house. It was just too much. Dh's brothers have no children and my only sibling lives overseas (for the last almost 14 years) so we are the only ones with children. We just explained it was ridiculous for us to haul a pack of children all over the place and not relax on Christmas. No one except my mother complained. And nothing anyone ever does makes her happy anyway and half the time she excludes herself, so... :glare: (By other holidays I am talking but New Year's Eve/Day, Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving, etc. Yes, they are all a Hollywood production around here. :laugh: )
  5. All my dc love it and play it together and I love their collaborations. We haven't had any "addictive" issues with it, even with my Aspie, who tends toward addictive... :tongue_smilie: But we have rules and guidelines and boundaries. And, ftr, none of my dc are "drooling zombies" and/or tuned out. ;)
  6. :grouphug: Crossing everything I can for you and praying!!!! It is *your* turn!!!!!!!!!!!!! :grouphug:
  7. On the Sunday before Christmas, we have a pageant after service. On Christmas Eve, there are two services - the family service and the choral service later. During the family service, children who have been chosen ahead of time hand out bulletins, read the scriptures, bring the Eucharist elements forward, pass the collection plates, etc. The Children's Choir (which we have for the whole school year, not just the holidays) sings with the Chancel Choir... OH! And the priest calls all the children forward and they sit around him on the chancel steps while he reads them The Christmas Story. This part is quite interactive as he greets them by name and asks them questions, etc. I love the Christmas Eve Family Service. I get goosebumps just thinking about it...
  8. Ugh. What lousy timing. :( Praying for health for all of you! :grouphug:
  9. My ds9 has dysgraphia. He was in OT for a while but the therapist missed more than she was there. :glare: We write for him, we are teaching him to type, and we are going to buy Handwriting Without Tears to work on cursive with him. We are also trying to pursue OT for him from another source. (He can write, but it looks like a preschooler's writing, not a 4th grader. And it takes SO much effort for him that the lesson is lost, if that makes sense.)
  10. When I have had it told to me about various issues with my dc, it wasn't coming from a place of, "This worked wonders for XYZ and maybe it can help you, too!" It was more like parenting advice from childless people. :glare: With an overtone of superiority and slight indications of failure and laziness on my part...
  11. My state (I think) but my county (for sure) has only absentee ballot voting, no polling stations. So no wait! :D Dh dropped them in the ballot box last night. It was a really special election for us - our ds18 voted for his first time!!!!
  12. Fascinating thread. I have never heard the word "shy" as a negative trait. I was a shy child and certainly never felt negative about being shy. I just was. I had blond hair and was small for my age, too. Those things didn't bother me, either. I have a child with Social Anxiety Disorder and Selective Mutism. People can be pretty aggressive in pushing her to answer their inane questions. :glare: Usually people who simply are NOT familiar enough with her to be in her face anyway. It irritates me no end. When this happens, I pull her into my side with my arm and answer their question, giving the physical boundary that she is under my wing, take my answer or don't, but leave her alone. It works. She talks about being shy but it doesn't bother her to be shy, it bothers her to have people talk to her. :tongue_smilie:
  13. Neither of my teens have DLs or permits but all 3 oldest have state issued IDs - train travel, testing, flying, etc.
  14. :crying: I'm so sorry. :grouphug: Would you tell us a little bit about her? If you can't or aren't up to it, that is absolutely Ok, too. :grouphug:
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