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  1. At church this morning, dd8 told me she loves the trash cans in the bathroom because she pretends she is throwing the paper towels into "the pit of Tartarus." Another woman in the bathroom raised her eyebrows a bit... :)
  2. Tonight before dinner my dd8 was pestering me for food. She said, "Can we please have a small bowl of olives, you know, as an amuse-bouche?" Seriously, where does she get this stuff? We are definitely not an "amuse-bouche" sort of family! Btw, the answer was still "no." :D
  3. My ds5 read this on his cereal box today: "No artificial colors or flavors." He frowned for a moment, then said, "That's okay, I like it anyway!"
  4. Love this thread, too! We had a butterfly emerge this morning (my dd7 is a butterfly enthusiast--this about the 20th we've had over the past few years). I told her to go let it out on the butterfly bush before we started school. She went outside and then came back in with the butterfly, saying, "The wind and the rain have redoubled their fury, so I brought it back in." I looked outside at the gentle rain, and added a word to her vocabulary: hyperbole!:001_smile:
  5. :lol: Love it! I used to keep a list of the funny things kids said to me when I was testing them. Unfortunately, my hard drive crashed and I lost the list. This would have definitely made my list! One I do remember: Me: What does mimic mean? Kid: What does mimic mean? (smiling)
  6. This example may not exactly fit this thread, but here goes: Last October, my ds4 said to his preschool teacher, "Guess what? 'Boo' has two O's in it. Just like Hooters!" In my defense, we drive by Hooters on the way to his school, and the sign is awfully eye-catching!
  7. Took the kids out to eat tonight. My dd7 started talking to a middle-aged woman in the booth behind us. I got up to throw something away, and when I turned around, my dd had slid into the booth opposite the woman, and was chatting away about Hermes, telling her how he walked right after he was born, etc. The woman looked at me in astonishment, and said, "Your daughter knows Greek mythology?" I just smiled, and apologized for my extremely shy (not) children!:D
  8. Love this thread! My kids were arguing today, too: Dd6: You ate some of my candy! Ds4: No, I didn't. (repeat this cycle a few times) Dd6: You may deny it, but I'm quite certain that you did. Look at it! Dd4: I didn't do that. It was the cat!:D Dd6 also accused her brother of "hypocrisy" the other day. I had to laugh, since she also tends to call the kettle black herself frequently...
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