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  1. A girl should always keep options available. I'll be sniffing around some of my side forums. I know you'll be here when I get back ;)
  2. No, and no. :scared: Dang it, I knew I should have been DVR'ing Revolution instead of Honey Boo Boo. I just didn't know I would need that information so soon. Hold me?
  3. Oooh, I'm a lifelong vegetarian but all this WTM bacon talk has had me curious. Tonight may be the night. Take me to the dark side ....
  4. I grew up in a large family and always shared a room (bed, too). I didn't mind it :) I think that's a personality thing, though because my friend's daughter is very introverted and has a hard time not having a personal retreat (she uses the bathroom, which can sometimes be a problem LOL). I think your kids' personalities matter in this decision - not that it should be the deciding factor, but it should be a consideration. I like the suggestion of using the basement as a school storage area and doing school around the home. Maybe another option is to make the fifth bedroom a study/bedroo
  5. Oooh, there's a website??! Sweet! We love that show! You have amazing willpower - and you'll do great maintaining at your goal weight. The calories at my house go on vacation every weekend :D perhaps the same is true at your home? If not, your girl will make lots of friends sharing with the neighbors!
  6. Can you use restaurants to supplement your entrees? Maybe order a side of rice from Chinese, or an order of noodles from an Italian place to bolster whatever you make on the grill ... I'm growing tired of salads this time of year, so this is what I do on nights I don't feel like making everything LOL. Since it's a side, you can keep it cheap by ordering one serving to share. Fajitas on the grills, with chips and salsa on the side?
  7. Maybe you're in denial about the impending doom :tongue_smilie: You polish that parrot, Girlfriend - can't think of any better way to face a boardalypse!
  8. I voted for utility room. Cats in the mudroom, dogs in the laundry room. Cat food stinks more, so it goes closer to the outside and trash cans. Dogs are messier, so their bowls go nearer the utility sink and linen hamper (washed daily).
  9. Nope, not doing it; living on the edge :D It worked for Y2K, anyhow LOL.
  10. What a wonderful thing you are doing! You'll play fabulously, and look lovely doing so :) Good luck finding your perfect outfit, and have fun!
  11. One tree. Real. We inherited a lot of my husband's childhood ornaments, so we do those (no theme). White lights. No icicles, no garland. My kids each have a tree at my MIL's house. One kid has snowmen, one has angels; my two nephews' trees are trains and gingerbread-people. Every year MIL adds to their trees a new ornament in the theme. My kids ask if they can have their own trees at my house, but I'm a grinch so I said no. They'd pick the themes: penguins and snowflakes.
  12. I like Design Seeds, too :D You can also try the Yolo website for good ideas and pictures. I get tons of color ideas by going through gardening books/blogs (nature makes the best palattes!) and also from fabric stores. When my sister was looking to paint her home, she used the Sherwin William app (there are others, that's just who her painters used) to take pictures of things she thought were beautiful, so SW could color match it. We made a day of it, going through the arboreteum; was fun! Good luck!
  13. I'm very weird, too, with the exception that I don't try to tamp it down at all :D. My home is very eclectic, and drives most people crazy LOL. But I like it! I have a white sofa and grey carpet. My walls are Sherwin Williams Smoky Blue on three walls and Collonade Gray on the fourth wall (it's a brick wall/fireplace). I like it. The blue is bold but not overly bright; the vibe is cool, relaxing, and it sets off the views of the property beautifully because the gardens pop against the darker "frame" around the windows. (I painted the sills the same color as the walls, and not the standa
  14. I married into a Catholic family, so we've adopted their habit of not decorating until Christmas Eve. Some years we have cheated a bit and started the week of Christmas because that's when he had leave or when I was in town (I travel for work and am never off on Christmas) but never before that. Christmas wasn't a holiday I grew up really celebrating; it was more of a lesser holiday, and definitely a consumer-driven thing as opposed to a faith-based event.
  15. My sister is having her home re-painted next month. She used Angie's List to secure two bids, both which were within a few thousand of each other, and got a third bid from a company that came recommended by a friend. The friend's contact cost the most by $5K, but that included one more color choice than the others and also a quicker timeline. Her home is 4400 sq.ft. She wanted upper and lower trimwork painted (including a staircase), two formal rooms with two-story high ceilings, and a total of seven other rooms plus four bathrooms. The bids ranged from $15K to $19K. The lowest bid off
  16. :D I can see I'm in great company! :lol: I have a sister like you! It kills her to see me throw my book on the table, open, face-down instead of finding a bookmark. Spines are her thing, too LOL.
  17. I'm going to snag some lingonberry jam for those gluten-free biscuits :) Today I am working (outside of the home). Same ol', same ol', nothing new. What is the topic of your paper? For Veteran's Day we always do a parade, and my boys' scout troop puts up flags along our small town's main street. This is the week we typically cut back our roses, and my daughter likes to deliver little bouquets and cookies to the veterans we know around town. How awesome to be in talks about your short story! Even if it ends up not being feasible, how cool that it was even considered - you know? C
  18. I mark up books, yes. I don't know if I've ever taken colors to black and white drawings, but I've doodled in them with blue or red ink - for sure. I do a lot of highlighting (not just words, but the edges of the pages LOL) and line drawing and notetaking in my books. I encourage the kids to do the same. I have a hard time keeping people straight, even in shorter YA books so I always have a family tree-type diagram going on in the back interior cover page. I do not, however, dog-ear pages. To me, that's the true sacrilege! :D
  19. Wonderful news - best to you going forward! Will you sleep soundly tonight, or do you tend towards excited jitters? :)
  20. My university roommate introduced me to Rack-o. I don't know if it is retro, but when I tried to find it a few years back for my own kids I wasn't able to find it anywhere. I didn't think to look on eBay ... great idea! I can't remember how to play it, I just know it was fun LOL. As kids we played a lot of backgammon; we still do. Probably doesn't count as a board game, but my kids love it and it's a great take-anywhere game.
  21. I've done it to pay for a hotel (didn't want a hold on my debit card), and it's worked right away once activated. I bet it works :) I hope it does! Good luck!
  22. We used crayons in the bathtub and made a game of it. Sometimes, after a shower, we'd write them on the mirror before the fog evaporated. Sometimes they'd show up again after the next shower :)
  23. On the one hand, I love the practicality and thriftyness of re-using and re-purposing. On the other hand, where I grew up people are leery of used items because of beliefs about spirits. In the end, I try to avoid used stuff if it comes from an unfamiliar source (thrift store as opposed to friend). My one exception is the bookstore. I buy almost exclusively used because my need for a fix is stronger than my childhood superstitions :D
  24. Yes, I'm fine with a mix of schooling types for our family. But it would matter what was best for me, in addition to the child (not just best for the child).
  25. :grouphug: I lost one earlier this year, too. She had been in our family for more than 20 years. It was different circumstances, but same cause - I didn't realize I had to babysit an adult or do everything myself :glare:. People don't realize what good escape artists turtles are. I'm so sorry you lost your pet!
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