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Ds wants military themed birthday party...

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Ideas? He loves setting up wars between his toys; usually lincoln logs against gear pieces, but i bet he'd love some miltary figures. He also wants a couple nerf guns.


What kind of cake should i attempt (shape)?


Any military board games? 2+ people. Something strategy, but on the easier end? When he does his wars, he doesn't really do much with it, just sets it all up (the amount of focus and patience this takes is amazing).

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You could buy some face paint and a face paint sponge and blot on some shades of green and brown to make camoflauge. Get them some nerf guns and let them play war games in the backyard.


I'm sure you can find others, but here's one set of instructions on how to make a cake shaped like a tank:



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We did an army themed birthday cake and brought it to Laser Craze. The cake came out amazing. If I had any clue, I would post a picture, but I don't.


I made a large rectangular sheet cake. My husband and son designed the top, with 3 colors of frosting (brown, blue, and green). They frosted a blue river down the middle, brown along the edges, and green for fields on both sides. Plus, we crushed oreos and spread it along the grassy areas for a mud affect.


And, we got some candy that looks like rocks, real rocks, of assorted sizes and colors and placed them along the river.


I bought one package of cheap army guys at the pharmacy and my son planned the attack scene.


It was awesome and we all worked on it together and it did not take long.

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MRE's would be a pain to do for too many kids - but that might be a cute idea for goody bags (if they are still young enough to do those)....


Make sure you have a flag up somewhere :)


You could teach them how to fold a flag properly and then have a flag folding relay.... (just don't let the flags touch the ground)


For some reason (coming from an Air Force wife) the idea of the 'injured soldier' seems... off? I guess I know too many real ones. It isn't offensive - don't get me wrong - just too close to reality maybe.


The obstacle course sounds cool :)


There are dog tags you can get that are blank that can be written on with sharpies - that would be a neat thing to have for them.

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Games: Battleship, Risk, Axis and Allies

Decorations and such: you can get just about anything camo these days

Favors: How about canteens? Dog tags? You could probably get some good ideas from a surplus store.

Having the kids run "Battlestations" or an obstacle course could be fun. Each station could have a task: shoot a target (nerf?), demonstrate basic first aid, climb this, do jumping jacks, crawl under that, etc. Put the kids in teams so they have to work together on some of the tasks.

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I read the injured soldier on one of the sites linked. The kids split into teams and have to wrap one of the team members in a whole roll of toilet paper and carry them to safety. Maybe a rescue mission would sound better. I like the idea of teamwork and the ages will be very varied, so each team will have someone very small for easy rescue.


Going to look up heroscape.

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