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Help with prepositions

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It might also help some kids to consider that "preposition" is a FUNCTION - linking the object of the preposition to another word in the sentence. When those "preposition" words appear without objects, they are FUNCTIONING as adverbs.


(If that doesn't help, ignore me.)


I used to hold a pencil above the table and ask them where it was - then under the table, behind my back, in my teeth, etc.

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draw a picture of a drinking glass.

draw arrows around, through, up, down,over, under, in, out, before, after- ---etc............ of the glass.


This is what WE say : A preposition tells your place in time and space.



THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!! It is kinda one of those things I understand but explaining it was not working, this is great Thanks bunches

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We work on prepositions with our preschoolers by having them actually go under the table, over the cushion, thru the tunnel--like an obstacle course! Lots of fun!


Prepositions are said to be the last words understood and internalized by those learning their native language. They usually come into correct usage by about 3.5. This is according to a speech pathologist I worked with. Just fwiw! :001_smile:

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