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Girl scout cookies still using palm oil despite deforestation

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Here's the green palm organization stickers they're going to put on the cookie boxes- http://www.greenpalm.org/


Yuck, this is a major reason why we stopped selling cookies with GS. Besides the menial amount the troop gets from selling.

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I'm trying to avoid buying anything with palm oil. I feel bad for the orangutans. I just saw a picture today of a baby orangutan that was orphaned when its mother was killed. It was also missing fingers. I don't even want to go into why...... It's just awful what's happening because of palm oil. :(

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What is the healthy and environmentally friendly alternative? Palm oil has been replacing hydrogenated oils, which are horrible.


Coconut oil -- very sustainable. Grows in most soil (including sand by the sea) and bears fruits for over 50 years. Pretty affordable too, if you buy it in bulk.


We just had a falling out with our Camp Fire Group. It is kind of funny, they sell Almond Roca... and most of the group refused to sell it because of the palm oil. It was a big stink for a few weeks till the group disbanded from Camp Fire, because of the crazy fees you have to pay if you decided not to sell any candy. Group is still together and we have decided to fund our own activities.

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So what's an alternative to palm oil shortening for times you need shortening and butter or coconut oil won't work? I'm thinking especially of frosting--I do equal parts butter and shortening, and like that a lot more than all butter.


:bigear: Butter and coconut oil do not work the way as palm shortening and that is especially important in some dishes.

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