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  2. Thanks for the heads up! We are doing Ancient Science right now!
  3. I am a night-owl for sure, but I do not like to drive in general. However, if you put me in the right car that I think is fun (aka cars I cannot afford but are super awesome) I might be able to drive for quite a while. Once I get sleepy though, I would have to switch or sleep.
  4. I am looking into Time4Learning also! Curious about others experiences...
  5. I don't have any advice for you, but I am curious about this too.... I struggle with making sure there is a enough time for writing but at the sametime it seems to drag on and could take up the whole day at the pace my DD is going...
  6. I do 4 days a week and try to squeeze everything in on those days, so the extra day can be used for going to piano lessons or another activity though. We do most of our sit down work during those 4 days, such as workbooks and other work that requries a lot of sitting. We started to do some new PE classes this past month, and I've really needed to adjust our school to fit in with the new schdule. I still read to them read alouds every day of the week that I am able too and of course as Anna said lots of learning still happening on the non-school day. You should give it a try to see if it wo
  7. You just reminded me... to do this actually. I started to do science first thing instead of after our 3 R's... and it actually was getting done than. I don't know what happened, but I forgot about this and for the past few weeks we haven't been getting much sicence done. Give it a try and see if it works!
  8. I got this book at the same time we started Level 3. We usually do one day for review of cards and misspelled words in between lessons (otherwise we never do the review so I had to do it on its own day!) and that is when I assigned a homophone workesheet. She also requests a homophone sheet when we reach new homophones in our lesson, but if we've already completed the sheet, we review it instead. We haven't played the games yet, but I'm in the process of getting that ready. My DD loves this book and asks for it if she hasn't had one for a while. There is also a little riddle usually at the end
  9. It has been pretty easy in this state to homeschool. We are on our first "official" year. The form we filled out for our district asked their name/date of birth/age/grade, and had more spaces to eventually add all my children on the same form. The Seattle/Olympia/Kitsap areas have a lot of different activities. There is a lot of hiking or beach combing you can get into around here, if you don't mind the cold or wait till warmer months. There are homeschooling groups on Yahoo Groups that I belong to that are pretty active. As for the records, you need to keep your yearly test or assessm
  10. It has me concerned, I hope they can keep them released within a good schdule so we can continue to use them. We are finishing up with 3A so we have a good chance of using these all the way if they are released in a good time frame.
  11. I do not use HST, but I do like to create documents into pdfs often. I use a program called Bullzip, that acts as a printer on your computer. When you go to print a document, you can select Bullzip as the printer and instead of printing it creates a pdf. So it is a print to pdf option. It works on Windows: http://download.cnet.com/BullZip-PDF-Printer/3000-18497_4-85827.html
  12. We tried xtramath first as it is free, but my daughter hated it. As for the program itself, it is wonderful! They can login and do "flashcards" which you can also use on a tablet. It keeps track of progress for you. We tried it for a few months, but those 5 minutes were like fingernails on a chalkboard with her so we moved on. Just plain flash cards were the same thing as xtramath, so those weren't "fun" for her either. What we have ended up doing for addition but we will do this for subtraction and multiplication as well, is a multi-sensory type program. Worksheets, games, flash cards, an
  13. If there is going to be excessive jostling of the tiles, maybe it will be a problem but overall after over 2 1/2 years use on my tiles (I got mine used) they don't show any signs of wear. We do leave ours up at all times, so they are just moved around on the white board. They have fallen a bunch. Maybe the tiles are manufactured differently now? But the ones I have are pretty sturdy. Also the starter packs are the same from what I've read. We are going to start on All About Reading Pre Level 1 soon and I didn't get a new starter pack because when I was reading the materials/samples it said
  14. In the 30 days I "thought" I could do without Amazon Prime after my trial ended, I did not get such an offer. But this was 2 years ago, maybe somebody more recently can let you know if that's changed. I also got the $20 offer to get Amazon Prime, even though I already have it. I wonder if they will give it to me anyways (I can always dream!).
  15. I personally would say it depends. What type of a house is it? Has most of the house been brought to this century? Also what type of decor/feel does the house have? We live in a cabin, we have recently painted the walls a color similar to eggshell -- so those tan wall switches/covers match the wall perfect. The entire house is bronze hardware and our trim is dark walnut, but the house doesn't seem dated because it matches the decor of the house (that kitchen sink on the other hand :)). I would strongly suggest you post photos of some of your fixtures and wall outlets/room decor to get gene
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