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thoughts on desk color?

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We went with a very, very dark brown, since it matched the furniture where the desk would be located.

Love the way it looks (ie: doesn't stand out like the old blue preschool table did!) but hate, hate, hate the way dust shows up!!! Also, it has gotten quite nicked in just one year. :glare:

Given the dust and the nicks, I would go with a lighter colored desk.

I don't think white is that bad, as most surfaces can be scrubbed clean fairly easily.

I would go with whatever matches the room, honestly. When my child was younger, I bought a lot of "preschool" colors and now regret it. It was nice when he was younger, but I am working on changing everything over to neutral colors.

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Get Beech.

More natural-ly.

Pretty, will mask stains & marks.


Black is not pretty unless your decor has a lot of black.

It will make the room look smaller.


White is nice. Makes room look bigger. But will get

marks and stains and show them.


:iagree: We got beech ones this past spring--I'm still glad we got that color.

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The room doesn't have anything in it currently, so I can work from scratch. I have a 5 ft black desk that I will probably move in there for the time being to try and see how they work working at a large desk together, but don't think it is going to be in there long term. Good responses. Thanks for the help.

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