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  1. What did you chose to use instead, JHLWTM? Better Chinese is our top choice. The videos do show it having many aspects, and so it looks intimidating.
  2. A mix of Singapore and Teaching Textbooks. We tried Beast Academy and everyone hated it, and we hated Life of Fred. My olders will be trying AoPS. I'm hoping it goes better than BA did.
  3. For the few we've done, I count each 1/2hr lecture as one hour because they stop to take notes, backup to rehear important points, etc. Then, for some courses, they spend another 1/2hr researching the lecture's topic online or an hour reading about the topic in a textbook or writing about it.
  4. Gone series - Michael Grant Paper Towns - John Green Peeled - Joan Bauer 13 reasons Why - Jay Asher He's into mysteries and crime fiction right now.
  5. Christopher Pop-In-Kins just arrived at our house a few days ago. Boy is he adorable! I have no experience with Elf on a Shelf though. Christopher looks like he'll hold up well and is completely poseable.
  6. I used to, now we have a DVR (and DVD and Netflix, everything with rewind). I will replay a scene over and over until I catch everything that's said.
  7. Thanks for the reminder! I wanted to do this with the kids, maybe participate myself. Our year has been so crazy thus far, I totally forgot. I've got to get going on introducing this today.
  8. Oh my! That's so adorable! It's now in my Wish List. I bet your DS is well-behaved in the store because he has his own cart to push.
  9. My kids all play sports. They've done football, soccer, gymnastics, and wrestling. The only kids I've ever seen taken off the field hurt were in soccer, girls 11-13yo soccer. I worry FAR more about dehydration and over-heating than about concussions...until wrestling season. Then I'm just paranoid every match. I can barely watch it...but you know what? They've never gotten hurt there either. Sprained fingers have been the only injuries we've had from football and ds still went to practice and games because he loves the sport more than the pain hurt.
  10. Math Language - writing, spelling, vocab., grammar, proper speech Critical Thinking/Logic Topics - any random content subject matter: history, science, geography, current events, etc. we come across to learn. I keep a rolling list of topics.
  11. Sorry about that. I had no idea chemical weapons had been used more than once on the Syrian people. It does show the 9 Questions article as biased and misleading if this was previous knowledge and yet the writer still paints Assad as the only user of chemical weapons.
  12. The 9 Questions article came out before this one: Syrian rebels used Sarin nerve gas, not Assad’s regime: U.N. officialIt's now coming out that it was the rebels who used chemical weapons...you know, those guys the US backs. So our reason to bomb Assad as punishment is void. Unfortunately, I bet we'll still do it. It's a civil war. No one butted their noses into our Civil War.
  13. You all have brought up good points that I've been thinking but needed to hear from others. I gather that she wants to get more structured and I would love to help her get there. I know some of it is finances and I've already offered her use of everything I have. Maybe we can start once or twice a week and see how that progresses. I'll talk with her about structuring it like a co-op or tutoring times. For example, I can offer to do a phonics activity with the K and 1st graders on ___ day at _:__ time, a math game another specific time, I can tutor 3rd grade math two days a week, o
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