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  1. I know...sometimes I feel like I'm going to pass out if I am in a parking lot on the blacktop, because it's so hot!
  2. Hi Melissa I love your post. It looks like a poem. It cheered my evening. :)
  3. Bumping because we have several cats and their boxes get really smelly although we scoop daily and change often.
  4. this topic is pretty interesting... I tend to change my mind back and forth... (Christian here.)
  5. Sounds awesome! I'll have to try that soon...it's pretty hot here...
  6. Praying that you all stay safe! :)
  7. Yes, it will be fine. (in the fridge!) :)
  8. jhschool


    No advice but sending you lots of hugs. This sounds like a difficult situation.
  9. jhschool


    I know. It was a joke. Or more like a trap. I knew someone wouldn't be able to resist. :) :p Love you, Jean (your tackle posts make my day!)
  10. I'm sorry you had these experiences... And I'm very sorry for your loss...
  11. Bumping this thread because I need help in this area...
  12. I'm sorry! Some people are just jerks...for no reason...
  13. jhschool


    Honest answers are fine. Most were honest and polite. I didn't like being told I would criticize or judge. I wouldn't do that. I'm not offended, just a little chagrined at what I perceived to be a slightly unkind tone. Look, no big deal. It's not important. It was going to be something to help, not to make people feel bad. I completely didn't expect snappy answers. My bad.
  14. jhschool


    I didn't throw any stones. I didn't criticize anyone. I didn't judge anyone. None of these things crossed my mind. I was thinking more of like a PSA thing (akin to the kitten siggie someone has). I didn't even point out anyone's mistakes. Thank you for using the word "gently" though. (And I assure you I didn't do anything!) Man... Quick way to get one's head chopped off... (not you Aimee!) Most of you were very kind and some of you were funny. (Sisifus was funny.) Thank you Arctic Mama and TammyK! :)
  15. jhschool


    I wouldn't judge or criticize, and I specifically said I wouldn't be rude. I don't appreciate the tone of your post when I was perfectly polite. Anyway, never mind. I erased the post. No nitpicking or judgment coming up. Geez, no need to get mean!
  16. I am in my early 40s and I could go all day. I usually go 2 to 3 hours then come on this forum to waste time and sit down. Then another 2 to 3 and so on. But last week I went about 4. I stop and sit because I'm lazy, not because I'm tired.
  17. I agree with merrygardens about the fact that if you paint the kitchen cabinets then that will make all the wood look awful. I voted for refinish. I want your house! All wood, and 2.5 acres! I live in a subdivision on less than half an acre (neighbors are way too close!), with walmart-type fixtures and cheap lowes everything. I would love your house!
  18. You need pie in the summer, and cake in the winter. Key lime pie in the summer, or some kind of blueberry-strawberry raw pie made with graham cracker crust. Or cherry pie, with extra flaky crust. In the winter, chocolate cake with chocolate sauce. The only pies good in the fall or winter are pecan and pumpkin.
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