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Looking for town with great reformed baptist church, good hs network, mild winters...

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My husband's job is highly portable and we've decided to relocate for reasons that are benign/boring/tedious to go into. Thus we're shopping for a good town/location to move to Spring '12.


We're seeking:

1. a good reformed baptist church with good preaching

2. a great homeschool community

3. mild/short winters

4. friendly people


Any suggestions?

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How about Holland Michigan? Voted one of the happiest cities around. I know there is a Reformed Bapstist church but have never been there. Lots of homeschoolers and activities. You would be right by the beach and Grand Rapids is only about 45 minutes away with all of the cultural, medical, sports, etc. of a large city.


Winters, depends on what you are looking for. We can have snow as early as Oct. (but doesn't last) but some years we get hardly any until Jan. By March it is usually gone. A few storms here and there but nothing really severe---at least for someone who grew up here.


Holland has snow melt system on their sidewalks so downtown is free of snow in the winter.

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Well . . . I don't know yet about the homeschool community (but it's bound to be good!) and it would depend on how you define "mild" winters, but my husband and I are taking steps towards planting a new church (reformed baptist) in the Cincinnati area and we are currently praying that God would raise up a team.


How about being part of a new church plant!?!?:D

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Memphis, TN. (Bartlett, Millinton, Cordova, Germantown.)


No state income tax. Awesome homeschool network. Friendly southern town. Snow is a rarity. There are lots of Baptist Churches and they even have sports teams. I am not sure if they are Reformed but I imagine there is at least one that is...it is the bible belt.

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Willamette Valley, Oregon. Very mild weather.


We live outside of Salem, in a little town that has an active homeschool community. There are many churches, and I attend a reformed Baptist church, that has a great Pastor.


We're only 45 minutes from the beach, and about an hour+ to the mountains for snow-skiing.

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