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  1. Perhaps consider doing the OMNIBUS via www.veritaspress.com. Here's the link to check it out. Don't know your religious preferences, but it's Christian-based. Works the greatest works of literature in along with histroy and theology. http://www.veritaspress.com/prodinfo.asp?number=000905 You can scroll down to the bottom and click on the suggested literature books that they recommend to accompany the Omnibus Text. http://www.veritaspress.com/prodinfo.asp?number=000901
  2. I did this with my son. We used Zaner Bloser which has an upright manuscript and a slanted cursive. That difference wasn't good for him when we learned them together and so I switched him to Modern Manuscript (D'Nealian) manuscript (so both would SLANT) (and I kept the ZB cursive) and that solved that issue and he has nice handwriting. He actually liked the variety.
  3. My son loves all things mechanical and enjoys learning about engineering/building/construction. Do you know of any educational software that would build on this interest and be fun for him? (typo in the thread title. was supposed to be "Any educational software.....")
  4. I have no idea why this posted here. I thought I'd clicked NEW THREAD. OOOPPPPssss. Off to start my new thread......sorry
  5. Thanks all of you for the advice. An aside: I am scared of wipe off (dry erase) boards as an chemistry phD friend of ours (has phD in polymer science and has authored chapters of textbooks) says that dry erase markers contain cyclic benzenes.....(I'm sure I'm not saying this just right)....which are strongly linked to cancer:001_huh: especially in children; he told me to not allow them in my home especially the dust thereof.......just thought I'd pass that along while on my mind. I know there's the dry erase crayons but I found them tough to erase.
  6. We're designing our home which we'll begin building this fall. We have always done our schooltime at our family table and I have a huge 8 foot long chalkboard on a wall 8 feet away from the table (in the new home...I have kept this design with the table next to a huge blackboard wall as it has worked so well). I "instruct" at the blackboard and we do the crafts and such at our kitchen bar. I have added (into the floorplan) a large school-storage room for my filing cabinets, books, supplies, etc. This storage room will be 7 feet x 12 feet. We don't do much TV so our whole house is quiet-ish. Another bit of info.....I'm a neatnick; I don't allow crafty stuff to stay out (maybe if I had a school room I would?????). Another bit of info...I've just begun my homeschool journey....my oldest will start 2nd in fall. We have an area designed in the main open living room area for desks, so do I NEED a schoolroom? What else would I use it for?
  7. I've been once before, but you're right -- I need to budget more time. My kids are too young for it. My oldest is first grade.
  8. Many wonderful ideas here. I'll check them out. And the swamp tour sounds neat (and mosquitoe'y?). we plan to do the zoo, the Aquarium of the Americas, the Insectarium Museum, and then I'm sending the family off while I indulge in 3 hours of uninterrupted World War II museum!!! ...we plan to do beignettes (however you spell um'), Jack's Brewery (I'm craving a Muffulata--- that's not how one spells that either). We're looking forward to it!!! :driving::thumbup::hurray:................................................:auto: Thanks again to all of you!
  9. We're planning a vacation to New Orleans and want to also have a day or two at the beach while that far south. Do you know of any good beaches nearby/south of New Orleans?
  10. Wow....i had no idea that these options were out there. thanks all!
  11. for books on CD/cassette/MP3, is there a loan library out there similar to netflix?
  12. Curious to hear from others on this. How many hours per week do you and your child do schoolwork (including instruction and the child's actual working on it .... not just teaching time, but total school time) for first grade? Please leave off extracurricular subject time (piano practice, gym, ballet, or whatever other activities your child participates in. Yo Yo Ma's mom could have listed the 20+ hours/week of cello practice that Yo Yo did at age 3!, so I need to control for this type of study somehow):). I'm curious about the meat and potato subjects: math, language arts, etc. (Did I work in enough pronouns in that thread title?????)
  13. In my research, Saxon Math was the only one of the elementary curriculum with proven effective/positive results on testing. (I'll try to find the link on that --- where studies confirm it). People try to say the same for about Singapore in the Asian cultures....but, the U.S. studies/results don't confirm that. The Asian work ethic would make them outshine American cultures in most subjects, so I don't know if its necessarily b/c of Singapore's math program or because of this culture's drive to succeed in ALL/ANY area of study. Students learn best with repetition spaced over time --- that's Saxon in a nutshell. Here's one link http://ies.ed.gov/ncee/wwc/Topic.aspx?sid=9
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