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  1. Talk about good timing! My 9th gr son was supposed to take Physical Science this year through an outside source but it fell through at the last minute due to low enrollement. I had no other plans because I thought it was a done deal. So the last few weeks I've been scrambling to figure out what to do for science (other than have him read the text which is an option, just not the one he was interested in and I didn't blame him). I do have a class for Biology for next year for sure so didn't want to push that to this year but do have the Holt text and student bk as a back up just in case. I have the Great Courses Physics in your Life course already and just gave it to my son 2 weeks ago to start watching since I didn't have a sold plan in place and wanted him to get started with something. I have not watched all the lectures he has (only 1 lecture) but he said while he did not understand everything, they were interesting and he was learning from them. I was going to have him read Science Matters as well. Seeing this outline made me jump for joy! I really want him to get more out of this DVD course and this sounds great. My question is this-he is just taking Algebra 1 this year so will the above syllabus be too hard for him to tackle this year or is it managable? Thanks for any feedback and THANK YOU to the OP for taking the time to put this together.
  2. We are taking the CAT5 test next week and my son has done TT 5 and just finished TT6. I'm anxious to see how he does. I'll be sure to post.
  3. Thanks for your helpful posts about high school issues!

  4. My DS used TT 5 last year and is just finishing up TT6 this year. We haven't done testing for a few yrs but I just ordered my CAT/5 yesterday for us to do in May so I'm hoping for the same good results. He enjoys it and I rarely get complaints about doing math now. My DD is using MCP C right now (3rd gr) and I plan on having her move to TT4 next year because we've been so happy with TT for my older one.
  5. WOW! This is really great information! THANK YOU so much for posting and all the insightful posts. :)
  6. Thanks for the info about the workbox yahoo group!

  7. I like you avatar :)

    my 3 yr old dd is just getting into legos

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