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  1. I was wondering if anyone knows how to teach math like the Asians do. And what curriculums are based on Asian math. Thanks, it's for my 3rd grader.
  2. (for Cursive) I'm very tempted to buy both to try them out... My son is 8 and my daughter will soon be 3. The litttle one loves writing, she writes her vowels and a few other letters.
  3. Is it too much?? I can't make up my mind between TT and SM. I'm doing LoF no matter what... anyone doing all 3? ...3 math programs does seem like too much. In that case my question should be; TT + LoF or SM + LoF
  4. For 3rd grade Music Appreciation and Composer Study Pros and Cons of each? World's greatest composers books would be accompanied by "confessions of a homeschooler"s teacher manual and student notebook
  5. Yes! I'm at the end of the 3rd grade curriculum planning!! It only took me 2 months + endless hours on the internet... sigh and I wanted to hear what everyone else has used as a composer study or music appreciation curriculum. This is my 1st year and I could use all the advice possible thanks!
  6. (2012-2013 year. 3rd grade.) Monet, Renoir, there is a long list I want to cover throughout the years but I don't know who to start with... please help I'm planning daily artwork picture talks, notebooking 2x/week and 1 recreation of an artwork per term. What is your plan for Artist Study?
  7. thanks night owls! I'm close to having a "rough draft" of what my son's 3rd grade curriculum will look like. Stressful but totally worth it.
  8. I like D'nealian modern cursive and Zaner-bloser simple cursive. I'm looking at Cursive First, A reason for handwriting and Pictures in cursive but any suggestion is welcome!
  9. My son will be in 3rd grade this year. I pulled him from ps in January and I wanted to start SOTW 1.. But since I'm almost sure I will buy Trail Guide To Learning Paths Of Exploration for 3rd grade, I thought it would be confusing or "too much" history to do POE and SOTW 1 with him. We would keep 2 timelines? or a very long one. Now I know TGTL will release their World History series for 6,7 and 8th grades, so I don't know if I should just start with American history and then do World history (assuming that we will stick with TGTL throughout elementary) OR do SOTW 1 while studying American history on POE this year... what do y'all think? I'm so confused right now. Thanks
  10. I've been researching for a month non-stop! as soon as I get some free time I'm on the computer or kindle. I'm changing my mind every few days... but it's only my 1st year home schooling :S anyway you're not alone!!
  11. Thanks! I do plan on using it with 1 child since my other 2 are a toddler and a baby... Seems like I only hear good things about it but I'm scared of the all-in-one curriculum afer the Lifepaks fiasco. :S
  12. Thanks everyone. Right now I'm thinking about Singapore, TT and LoF now... but wanting to do some research on CLE.
  13. Has anyone used this? I'd love pros and cons about it, what you liked or didn't and why... I really haven't found many reviews out there. Thanks! It's for my son's 3rd grade year.
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