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Sharing my good news! (cross post)

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I wanted to share this with those of you who don't frequent the general board much:


No, I'm not pregnant, so don't even go there! You all are bad, I am 45 years old after all!


Remember the art teacher position I applied for months ago? I asked for prayers the day I went in for the interview. I have since had a second interview and have been offered the job! I have accepted over the phone, but need to make it official still with paperwork.


The job is a full time art teacher position at a local Christian school that houses grades K-12 and a pre-school (that I wouldn't have to deal with). It is my dream job . I actually joked with some moms I know whose kids go there that we needed to send the art teacher and her husband away for a weekend alone (they are a young married couple) so they could get pregnant and have a baby so she could take a maternity leave and I could step in...so, then it happened! The power I have. It's spooky I tell ya. She isn't just taking a maternity leave though, she isn't coming back. This is a permanent job, not a substitute position!


I will start this fall. Dd is in college and Ds will be a senior next year and will be taking some classes at the local cc and doing some independent work at home. Dh, when he isn't traveling for work, works at home quite a bit and dd goes to college locally and lives at home, so they can both help ds transition into his cc classes. It seems everyone will be home but me.


It will be very strange and I am praying hard that my migraines and other health issues will not hinder me from doing my best at this new job. I really didn't think that going back to teaching full time was even a possibility after being out of the classroom for so many years and homeschooling (which is a black mark against you as a NY state teacher). I really didn't want to go back to the ps system, but wanted to teach. That's why this job is so ideal. It is a smallish Christian school that is very ecumenical. It isn't really affiliated with any one denomination, although it was started by the Christian and Missionary Alliance which is my denomination.


So, there it is ladies and gentlemen. Celebrate with me. The impossible has happened! Happy Friday!!!


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Congratulations! What lucky children to be gaining you as their art teacher! Please keep us posted during the next school year.





I'll be sure to keep you all posted. You can't get rid of me that easily ;). I'll still be a hs mom for one more year, just a full-time employed hs mom for a change.

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Now that I know your prayers work..can I please have a happy, healthy, long lived baby girl next? who has no colic, no medical problems.......(throw in the easy birth while you are at it)




seriously though..congratulations!

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I am so very proud of you (even if I don't know you)! This sounds like a perfect position for you. Yes, God is so very, very good! He knows just what we need, exactly when we need it.


Best of everything to you and your family!

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