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  1. Ohhhh, thanks for clarifying. Well I can attest that I did not submit all that they are asking for on that page and certainly didn't document lab science. I vaguely remember a page addressed to homeschool students, but it has absolutely been updated and revised...and not in a good way. :/ That's too bad. I'm glad I looked it up, though. If my next ds is hoping to go there, we might have to rethink it. Maybe I should write UNL and tell them that? Go Huskers! :)
  2. Nebraska-Lincoln *accepted* ds with Latin, but then after the fact notified us that ds would have to take his language requirement in college. When pushed, they said that ds could take a proficiency exam and if he scored well enough the requirement would be waived. The person I spoke with said that ds lacked a "spoken component", and that was the problem. (Truly, the whole thing was kind of fuzzy. At one point the man argued, "But surely he could benefit from further language study?") I mentioned that Latin in general does not have a spoken component, no matter what the setting--p.s., private academy, homeschool, whatever--other than typical chanting or possibly singing. So in this case it appeared they were discriminating particularly against ds as a homeschooler, since apparently Latin is accepted from other schools. He did not want to take a proficiency exam (having taken his last Latin as a 10th grader). I wish, with hindsight, that I had had him do the NLE. Now, mysteriously, the requirement seems to have been dropped from his list of things that "needs attention". I'm not asking any questions.
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