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  1. Thank you very, very much for your kind words in the Public Assistance thread. It means so much to me that people like you and a few others don't mind putting themselves out there in a hostile environment (i.e. this very liberal board).

  2. Thank you for your support on the Public Assistance thread. It means a lot, especially on this very liberal leaning board.

  3. ***Happy Christmas***~

  4. Pseudo rep for an awesome post!

  5. Thanks for the message Bev. I'm trying to be a better steward of my time - sticking to a weekends only posting moratorium. My dh is at a Yes concert tonight and I'm breaking my self-imposed ban already. :001_smile:

  6. Karen,


    I wanted to tell you that I love your blog site. What a wealth of information. I hope all is well with you. I don't get to this board very much any more (usually about once a day). I'm spending more time on the wtm conservative board these days.


    I hope all is well with you and I miss hearing your wisdom. I'll have to visit your website more often I suppose.


    Take care,


  7. Hi Jean,


    I thought I would pop over and say hello. I haven't heard from you in a while; I'm only popping into the board here once a day or so since we have the new wtm conservatives board so I miss discussing things with my cyber friends like you.


    I hope all is well with you and your family. I always appreciate your sage advice on all things homeschooling.


    Take care,


  8. Feeling's mutual my friend.

  9. I love yours, too! Your so funny. I'm really glad I've gotten to know you. :)

  10. Love your new avatar girlie.

  11. You have a great sense of humor!

  12. Thanks, Bev.


    I am on the other board, but I've posted only 3 or so times.


    Thanks for thinking of me!

  13. Hello,


    Please pm me with a private address (either the pm message board here or an email address) so I can forward the web address to you as it is not common knowledge nor do we wish it to be. Thanks - Bev

  14. Hi Bev,


    Can I join your board?



  15. I'm dropping the social group, go green..., since we have a new place to post. If you'd like to join us on the other board, please pm me. Thanks. - Bev P.S. If you're already on the other board, please disregard. We have enough members now that I can't keep up.

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