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  1. (Family Feud style clapping):hurray: "Good Answer...good answer..."



  2. Thank you, Tammy! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. :001_smile:

  3. Happy Christmas~***

  4. (((Nan))) Thanks for the encouragement. This is my 2nd child, and for some reason, it seems more difficult this time around. :001_rolleyes:
  5. Storey's Guide to Raising Sheep is a good one. :001_smile:

  6. What is a good book if you want to get some sheep?

  7. Panda, Miss Lucy, Nelli, and Fiona -- Oh, they are so cozy and cute!!! Thanks for all your contributions on the board, Lisa. This is a random visit of kindness and a substitute GREEN SQUARE from me. Hooray for you!!

  8. You did it! Now, when you said you wanted to post pictures of your kids . . . :)

  9. Love your photo!

  10. I like your bouncing sheep

  11. We got one of those letters, too. I asked the head of the Honor Society at my dd's school, and she told me it was not legit. My dd is part of the National Honor Society through school. She not only had to have good grades, but she also had to put in a lot of community service hours as well as taking part in service-oriented projects at school.
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