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  1. Wow - haven't been to the WTM forums in years! This thread caught my eye. :o) I've been working with eo's for several years, and done lots of research on them. One thing I have learned is that just because they are "natural", it doesn't make it safe to use them undiluted, etc. You need to be very careful. One person I highly trust and respect is Robert Tisserand. He is an expert in the field of essential oils/aromatherapy. He has recently written a book on the subject of essential oils. I would start with his blog: Robert Tisserand Blog Oh, and stay away (no, run away) from anything to do with Young Living.
  2. Thanks for the further clarification. When I read things like your OP, it pushes my buttons, as I do not fall into that category, nor do several hs'ers I know. It would have helped to know that you were not referring to anyone here. Homeschooling is just *one* of the educational choices out there. As parents, we may find ourselves taking advantage of different options as our children move through their educational journey.
  3. I did not put my girls in ps for any of those reasons. And, I loved and was really good at homeschooling. Nice to meet you. ;)
  4. Cheryl, to quote you exactly: a lot of it has to do with the fact that most of the homeschoolers who are putting their children back into ps are usually putting them back onto ps because they aren't very good at it/aren't very dedicated/etc. My argument with you is not with "everyone vs most". It is with your assertion that these are the main reasons with MOST hs'ers, and that is simply not the case. There are MANY fine hs'ers out there who choose to put their dc in ps for the upper grades and it has NOTHING to do with whether or not they are "good at it" or "aren't very dedicated". Ria is a well-respected poster here from way back, and I am certain that she did not put her dc in ps because she was not good at it. Again, I find your assumptions, yes, assumptions, about the reasons that hs'ers choose ps insulting and based on a very narrow POV.
  5. I disagree totally with your claim. And to say that hs'ers are putting their dc back into school because they are "not good at it" is downright insulting.
  6. Not the case at all with my two dds. My older dd went to ps in 10th gr and did EXTREMELY well in ALL of her subjects. She made the Math, English and Foreign Language honor societies. My younger dd went to ps last year in 9th and got high 90's/100's in ALL of her classes. Oh, and she made 9th gr. female student of the year, too. I am SO TIRED of hearing stuff like this!! Sometimes, we hs'ers send our dc to ps for other reasons besides failure to teach adequately, etc. My girls just plain needed to get out there, and they were obviously well-prepared for it.
  7. I agree with Grace. PTiW is an excellent program. I used it w/both of my dd's and their writing skills are excellent. My older dd is in college now, and consistently get's A's on all of her writing.
  8. Yes, it can. However, I think it is a good idea to at least skim through what your dc will be reading so that you can sit and discuss it at the end of the week.
  9. None of the above. I am a big fan of Put That in Writing. It has given both of my daughters a solid foundation in writing skills.
  10. Times have changed - drastically. Everything you say can and will be used against you.
  11. For 9th gr., I used the following: The Well-Educated Mind for literary study/analysis Vocabulary for the High School Student Put That in Writing We went light on grammar for 9th, as I had used R&S through 8th gr. For 9th gr., I think it is hugely important to focus on writing skills.
  12. Jean, I always used the J. Weston Walch series. They have one for World, and one for US. It contains maps and activity sheets.
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