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Emotional Teenage daughters

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I have 3 teen dtrs, ages 18.5, 16.5y & almost 14y.


The oldest and the youngest are soooo emotional. Their mood swings are so big. And they are both prone to pity parties and crying jags. The middle is more like me - has swings, gets annoyed to easily, but not the dramatic crying jags with cries of "you don't love me" or "I am the only one who gets in trouble for anything around here", etc.


Any other daughters like this??? I'm constantly saying mildly soothing, patronizing things just to not get sucked into the drama. I do care (X 10,000), but in their most emotional moments, they can *not* be reasoned with or barely comforted. With the middle daughter, I can kind of "wait it out" but the 18y almost 14y, whew!!!


Just tell me I'm not alone...


Lisaj, mom to 5

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Mine told me to leave her alone. I know from experience to listen to that!! At least I got a warning.


Yes, give them plenty of room! Daughters are wonderful, more so when their hormones are not "bad/wrong!!" One day, on the counter, there was a bowl, with a brownie mix in it, and a note that said "please." Yes, an important lesson, chocolate always helps.



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I keep an emergency Coke and bag of Hershey's Kisses in the pantry for "THOSE" days for DD17. We had one yesterday when her best friend was mad at her and apparently the world came to an end......


Thankfully - it is getting better as she gets older. Just in time for DD9 to start ramping up, I suppose....

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