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Favorite Disney Restaurants

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Heading back to Mickey's home in Florida in June. Need to make reservations for dinner for the nights we're in the parks. What are your favorites? We love the Norwegian place in Epcot but want to try something new. We're thinking about the Fantasmic package, there are still a few openings on the night we're considering. Boys are 18 and 20 so characters are fun but not a necessity at meal time.

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Just go to the Morrocan restuarant for the belly dancer and just order appetizer if you don't want the whole meal. That age should enjoy that my husband sure did! Bahama Breeze is not in Disney but is a fun, hang out kind of place. Music outside on patio while you have drinks and wait for your table. Rain Forest Cafe is more for little kids but I just love it! There are two....one outside animal kingdom and another one in town. In epcot, the Aquarium of the Seas is a seafood restuarant and one whole wall is the gigantic aquarium. Eat there at lunch to save $$$$.

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Boma, at the Aminal Kingdom Lodge. We tried it for the first time in December, and now it's one of our favorites!




:iagree: This is our FAVORITE!!!!


We also like:



Le Cellier (but it's very hard to get reservations)

Coral Reef (the food is good and the atmosphere is AMAZING!)


We also ate at Marakesh. We did NOT like it. The food was bland.

We ate at the counter service in Mexico and it was great! Yummy fresh tortillas!!


My sis and her dh LOVED the counter service place in Norway.


I've always wanted to try the sit-down Mexico restaurant. It looks so peaceful!


Magic Kingdom

Cinderella's Royal Table. My dd and I LOVE this place!! We like the lunch show better than dinner.


Counter service - there's a place near the racecars. HUGE servings. Seriously - split the meals!!



Whispering Canyon in Wilderness Lodge is FUN!!! The waiters and waitresses are funny and play tricks on you. Food is just okay. LOTS of meat.


O'Hana's. YUMMY!!!! Food here is incredible!!! And, they entertain the kids with limbo and coconut races!

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Boma is my husband's favorite restaurant in the world (the real world, not just the Disney one)


we always do 'Ohana, although we've had somewhat mixed experiences there.


It's expensive, but we enjoyed Jiko (also at the Animal Kingdom Lodge), too. The server even cut up my 9 year old's steak for him :)

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We love the Crystal Palace buffet. We might be in the minority but we've always enjoyed our meals there. The Winnie the Pooh, TIgger, Piglet and Eyeore are there.


We also liked Hoop Dee Doo Revue. It is a bit like Hee-Haw with a meal thrown in!


We liked Teppan Edo in Epcot. It is the restaurant in Japan where they cook at your table.


Have you seen this site:


Disney World Menus


It might help you decide.

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We love Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge and the Coral Reef at Epcot was really fun. Make sure you request a table next to the aquarium window when you get there. We waited maybe 5 minutes extra but it was well worth it.




We got a table by the aquarium in January. The sea turtle slept near us the entire dinner! He'd go up for air and come back down. Then, there were divers that kept coming by and waving and miming stuff to us. It was SO much fun!

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Just got back a wk. ago and we go every yr., so I feel like an expert on those restaurants! LOL!


Magic Kingdom:

Tony's is OK, but if you can time it right you can ask for a seat near the windown and watch the parade without all the pushing and shoving.


Harbor House has huge portions and really good clam chowder.


Cosmic Rays has the best selections.




LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Le Cellier. It is expensive and HARD to get reservations for, but so, so worth it. By far the best meal we had.


Coral Reef: food is great and the kids love watching the divers feed the fish.


Biergarten is lots of fun and the buffet has something for even picky eaters.


Taco Stand in Mexico is great.


Sunshine Seasons (near Soarin) is great and has tons of choices.

**We did not like Garden Grill.** They've changed their menu and it was awful!


Animal Kingdom:

Love Flame Tree BBQ



Mamma Melrose is good, but not fab.


Sci Fi is lots of fun, but it always scares my 6 yr. old. The food is good too, but we've only done lunch there.


50's Prime Time Diner: fun, if you get a really "into it" server. Food is fine.


Hollywood Brown Derby is good too.


We love both T Rex and RainForest Cafe. I prefer the food at the T Rex, but the noise is off the scale. DO NOT sit in the "ice room." I had a headache for days.


We love Kona and O'Hana, both at the Polynesian, especially Kona. The server, Ratana, remembers us from all the other visits and is just awesome to us. The food is to die for!


Boma is super good, definitely go hungry!!


Can't think of anything else right now... :tongue_smilie:


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We were just at Disney last week and my favorites were:


Sunshine Seasons in The Land, lots of great choices here!


San Angel Inn in the Mexico pavilion. I have talked to a lot of people who did not like this, but we LOVED it. It's *Mexican*, keep that in mind. The tortilla soup was fabulous, all of my kids loved it. The flan was delicious. My sister and I shared a blood orange margarita and our waiter split it into two glasses for us. We ate ourselves sick here. The scene is lovely and relaxing (if a little bit dark). We had lunch here, but the dinner menu looked delicious.


The Boulangerie Patisserie in France. We ate here twice, even leaving Hollywood Studios early to park-hop and eat dinner here. We lived in Germany for 5 years, and we made several trips to France. The food here is JUST like the typical food you get in France. Have the tartine. It is much neglected by Americans who do not know what it is (it is sort of like a pizza on delicious bread), but it's FABULOUS.


We've eaten at a few different character buffets over the years, and I think they are mostly the same. We did the Alice breakfast this time. It was pretty much the same as the buffet at the Crystal Palace. :)


I will say that if you aren't a super-picky eater that you will enjoy food almost everywhere in Disney. I think they do a pretty good job on most everything.


We had 8 people in our group with a variety of picky-levels. Except for Epcot we did counter service food because our focus was on riding as many rides as possible. It was a great week for it because the parks were lightly attended.


At Magic Kingdom:

We had chicken parmigiana and chicken Caesar salad at The Pinocchio Village Haus. It was pretty good. Not as good as I make at home, but I'd say Olive Garden good.


We did corndog nuggets and fries from Casey's Corner while waiting for the parade to start. They were fine for what they were.


We went to Cosmic Rays on evening. Some of us had chicken, some burgers and some wraps. It was all good, even the burger was above average. An order of wraps come with *two* wraps, you might want to share unless you have a big appetite.


Hollywood Studios:


The only place we ate was Pizza Planet, one of my sisters particularly wanted to eat here. It was okay, the pizza was a bit greasy. It was my least favorite of the places we ate on this trip.


Animal Kingdom:


Yak and Yeti was pretty good. If you're not ordering kids' meals they will tell you that they only have large drinks (and they are really large). But, you can buy a drink in a souvenir cup with no ice and order a few small cups of ice. This worked out great for us. Our group had egg rolls, fried rice, honey glazed chicken, sweet and sour chicken, and a chicken salad. They were all good. The condiment cart has mustard, soy sauce, duck sauce, etc.


We also had root-beer floats near the Expedition Everest ride.


We didn't do dinner in the park this day, we went to a nearby Panera.


We also ate at the Wolfgang Puck Express for dinner one night, it was wonderful, as was hot chocolate at Godiva.

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