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  1. My 7th grader has done very little writing. It's my fault, I've just dropped the ball. This year I sprung for a year subscription to Write at Home, Middle School level 2. I know it will get accomplished now.
  2. Yes, that's it! However, I emailed them but never received a response. The website has said prealgebra has lessons 1-30 with more being recorded. It hasn't updated all summer. I'm a bit worried to sign up for it. I would quickly need more than 30 lessons. I'm holding off for now, until I see that more lessons have been completed.
  3. Has anyone used this? It looks great and so affordable. I see where she has lessons 1-30 for algebra 1/2, but I'm wondering if she's continuing to work on them or is she done or is her website defunct or..... Just looking for a different tutorial program for our Saxon this year besides Dive cds.
  4. I'm trying to decide if jumping in to CC Challenge A would be a good fit for my 12, almost 13 yr old son. My brain is literally going in circles. On one hand I love the cartography, but I'm not in love with The Lost Tools of Writing, nor am I excited about the 1 hr a day of Latin. I like the idea of community, even if it is already established and it is small. Does anyone have any experience with it? I'm just completely lost. I will take any advice or options you've got!
  5. They have facebook pages. You could try reaching them via social media.
  6. I have an upcoming 7th grader(boy) who will be 13 in October. We have always used Saxon, and until this year using 8/7 he's done well. We made it through 1/2 of 8/7 and he just stalled out. I know the concepts in it are a bit more advanced, more on the line with algebra 1, but he really struggled there at the end. He definitely needs a prealgebra year to just solidify all those concepts. Problem is, I'm not sure I'm super comfortable teaching him math anymore. He is a "math- in -my -head- don't -you -see- how -I -did -that, Mom" kinda kid. Percents, decimals, fractions, long division...
  7. These are amazing responses. Thank you to everyone who took their time to write such lengthy and nonjudgmental answers. I have a lot to look into and to consider! I adore this board!
  8. Shellsand, These are great tips! Thank you! Do you have any handwriting programs you prefer for either dysgraphia or not? My daughter had naturally good handwriting. So I think that's why I just never really focused on it with him. Now I'm regretting that.
  9. Thanks again to everyone who responded. I don't think he's dysgraphic, but it never hurts to check. Any ideas how I could do this? I'm pretty sure he's just a lazy 12 yr old boy who's momma has let him be the baby for far too long.
  10. Thank you so much for answering! I've known this was an issue, I guess I really have been in denial.
  11. My son is almost a 6th grader. Somehow I have been in denial over his absolutely terrible handwriting, both cursive and print. It was apparent to me today when he signed his dad's Father's Day card that it is worse than a kindergartner. Any suggestions? Should I start with print or just go directly to cursive?
  12. Thank you for responding! I haven't looked at BJU in forever. Not sure we're ready for an online teacher just yet, but I'll let him look at it and see what he thinks. I really wish someone would design a curriculum around Disney's Science of Imagineering DVDs. They look awesome!
  13. Why oh why is science so hard?! I haven't checked out God's Design for Science, but that's my afternoon plan. I have such an exciting life.. I've also looked at Quark, but it seems too easy. Maybe easy is what we need. Maybe it would at least get covered then!
  14. I am not a science person. I'd be fine if we totally skipped it. However, I will have a 6th grader next year. I've looked at Science in the Beginning, Bookshark, and Apologia's combined Chemistry and Physics. I can't decide. Which one is better? Which one is doable and realistic? Help!
  15. Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles The BFG
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