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Does anyone have a spouse who is more pro-homeschooling than you?

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I had a snippy little comment passed my way recently, about our homeschooling. DH is not generally too perceptive, but this one obviously got his goat and he went in there all guns blazing. I never knew he had so many reasons for homeschooling! He knows the book better than me!! The funny thing is that for the most part, he's quite happy to let me do it the way I choose and really doesn't want to participate in the choices (and agonising ;) ) that goes with it. So it kinda took me by surprise...


Anyone else have a spouse who's got more reasons for your family to homeschool than you?!

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My husband is definitely more pro-homeschooling than I am...and he is definitely more opposed to sending them to a school than I am...yet, I am the one who schools and makes all the school decisions.


He is really proud of our kids, me and our homeschool and doesn't mind telling everyone how he feels.


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Yeah, mine is. He is constantly on his forums and facebook with pro-homeschooling stuff and always ready to leap in and 'educate' anyone face to face who is unfortunate enough to ask the 'S' question or say anything remotely critical of homeschooling. I think he has pretty much completely intimidated our entire county CPS staff so far (he works in the same office doing MH) and none of them will so much as whisper any disapproval of home education within his hearing. He is also a rabid libertarian and would love to go off the grid (and probably off the map) if we could. He is a very interesting guy to be married to, no way I will ever get bored with this one.

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