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  1. Tullia

    New Mexico Tech's English 341

    I've sent a pm but will share some general impressions here too. It's a fairly small place, and the faculty and staff know the students. I made several trips to help ds move out of his apartment when he didn't stay over the summer, and was able to sit in on the end-of-semester colloquia several times. Sometimes because it was local or visiting faculty ds wanted to hear; more often to lend support to fellow students. I was impressed that the profs greet students by name in the halls--same with the adminstrators and support staff. The math presentations were mostly over my head--the CS sessions somewhat easier to grasp. The lines between undergrad/grad/faculty seem less defined than I remember from my college days--but there is a seriousness of purpose in spite of the informality. Socorro does have some businesses worth supporting, but it's a small town. There are lots of activities on campus, but after a couple of years students are usually ready to get out of town on weekends when they have some free time. Albuquerque is a fairly easy drive-about an hour north on I-25. A lot of in-state students come from the Albuquerque area or Los Alamos, so getting a ride to and from the airport is usually pretty easy if you're traveling out of state. Also, most of the students from New Mexico have friends at UNM which offers a partial solution to another feature of NMT: the male/female ratio among students. My son tells me that there are more women now-- so things are improving from his p.o.v. I've seen quite a few engagement parties combined with graduations so the situation isn't impossible. However, I haven't seen much of guys being inattentive jerks when walking around campus. Too much competition. :laugh: My son transferred from community college; NMT does an outstanding job of easing the process but it's still difficult. IMO, the ideal would be to start at NMT from the first semester and get established in study groups--most people seem to belong to 2-3. The difficulty level of the coursework is pretty much what you'd expect given the STEM focus. What seems to cause problems is that the pace of work is more intense than some students expect --especially if they breezed through high school.
  2. Tullia

    Cyber security & computer science

    Agreeing with previous posters that cybersecurity is under the umbrella of CS at many schools. A popular double major seems to be CS/Mathematics. I would also suggest taking every available elective covering legal issues. That cuts both ways; ds took classes with lawyers wanting to understand the technical side.
  3. Tullia

    I bought an Instant Pot.. now how do I...

    I don't have an Instant Pot and hadn't even heard about them till I was browsing here last night, but later I came across Jillee's cheat sheet. I've used her cleaning supplies recipes and never been disappointed--they work as advertised. I do not need another kitchen appliance... I do not need another...well maybe this one's worth checking out!
  4. Greetings to all my TWTM friends! It's great to see familiar names among lots of new ones. I've been away from here quite awhile, but it occurred to me that I never gave the promised update on my son's impressions of the course. Briefly, he tells me that this oft-dreaded requirement was no problem for him. The tech writing portion was similar to what he'd seen at community college. The most challenging aspect was presenting technical material to people unfamiliar with the content. His opinion is that the combination of required presentations in our various co-ops and classical methods of writing instruction were good preparation for this course and for college.
  5. Ds made it home safely and had zero dirty laundry with him. We are looking forward to the next three weeks. :-)

    1. Chelle in MO

      Chelle in MO

      Good! My ds made it home safely, too. But he *did* have dirty laundry with him! :)

    2. Tullia


      I'm glad to know your ds made it home safely and hope you have an enjoyable holiday!

    3. Chelle in MO

      Chelle in MO

      Thank you! Same to you!

  6. Not LoTR, but Christopher Tolkien's introduction to The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun ties together several different strands; historical background, earlier versions of the myth, and how both contributed to his father's version. Based on your original post, I think your daughter might enjoy it and it's fairly short. I expect the "invention" aspect of that work (discussed in the introductory material) would yield some insights into the process Tolkien used for LoTR as well. I would be hard pressed to decide what I like best--the text or the introductory material. As to reading order of the various LoTR materials such as Unfinished Tales; I don't think it really matters all that much where you start--but I always find myself backtracking to pick up similar themes/narratives in the other books.
  7. I'm happy to see the forum pages loading quickly for me again.

  8. Spring Break + Painting = No time for reading. :-(

    1. 1bassoon


      Spring Break + Buying a Used Car = No time for school planning (I feel your pain!)


    2. Tullia


      I definitely have spring fever! Hope the car buying goes well.



  9. Spring Break!!!

    1. swimmermom3


      Does this mean you have someone home from college?

    2. Tullia


      Yes, but he has a project due at midnight so his break starts then. :)

  10. So many good books listed in the "Book a Week" threads. :-)

  11. I'm not quite sure what Joanne meant, but IME things have changed. A friend's son decided to take the GED early (he'd not finished high school at home). He was able to enlist in the Army with only a GED, and then settled into an excellent career track based on tests he took after he enlisted. That was when my son was in middle school. My son's peers who entered the military had to take the GED plus community college courses. Another friend went to a 4-year university and ROTC. What changed? Between the two examples I cited there was a major kerfuffle in AF recruiting because dropouts were calling themselves home school graduates, enlisting, and washing out at high rates (as a pp mentioned). A neighbor showed me the article in the AF Times because at that point in his life ds was interested in joining the military.
  12. Ds called; he drove out in a snowstorm but still made it back to school in good time!

    1. swimmermom3


      This is good to hear. You must be relieved.

    2. Tullia


      I am. We need the snow, but what timing...ack!

  13. Is anyone else dreading sending a college student back during the flu outbreak?

  14. One more week until ds goes back for the spring semester. It's been great having him at home.

    1. swimmermom3


      I am so glad that you had a good visit.

  15. If she likes IEW and it's worked for you--stay with it if you possibly can. I started giving my son access to teaching materials for the writing programs we used fairly early in his high school years. Doing that helped foster his ability to take on more responsibility and lessened my workload even though I kept a close eye on output. That said, we used a mix of programs and the only IEW materials we used were the communications skills dvd's so YMMV!
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