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Thinking about going out and buy my husband a Nerf Gun?

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Go for it! :thumbup:


The Nerf Maverick is only $8.00 at Walmart stores right now, and it's a great gun.


If your dh wants a major tactical advantage in the wars against your sons, he needs the Nerf Stampede ECS. That one was $44 at Walmart the last time I checked.


Also, Toys R Us is having a buy one, get one at 50% off sale on Nerf stuff right now. But as always, the TRU prices are usually higher than every other store, so the "discount" may not be worth having to buy two things.


Let us know what you get!



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Great I'm going for it! I think I'll just get him the maverick with extra darts.


Exactly. Do you think Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson, or John Wayne went for fancy guns? Simple with lots of bullets is the way to go. :D



Go ahead, you'll make his day. :tongue_smilie:



Ahhh can you tell it's two days before Christmas? :001_smile:

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I wanted to get my hubby another gift. While I was in the shower I was thinking about the gift and the ideas came to me to buy a NERF GUN. Why not? Both boys (7.5 and 6.5) are getting one and he may just want to join in the fun!



All my kids (big and small) love Nerf guns. Dh and older nephews, everyone gets into the game. It is a great active play to do when stuck indoors!!!!

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