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I think every parent should read this book!

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Protecting The Gift, Keeping Children and Teenagers Safe (And Parents Sane), by Gavin De Becker.




It was recommended to me last week by my daughter's Judo instructor. I borrowed it from my library, and so far I'm only about 1/3 of the way through it, but I highly recommend it.


From the jacket cover: "...Now, in Protecting the Gift, de Becker empowers parents to trust fully their own intuition when it comes to their children's safety.


In this indispensable resource, de Becker provides keen insights into the behavior and strategies of predators. He offers practical new steps to enhance children's safety at every age level: specific questions parents can ask to screen effectively and evaluate baby-sitters, day-care services, schools, and doctors; a "Test of Twelve" safety skills children need before being alone in public; warning signs to help parents protect children from sexual abuse; and how to keep teenage girls and boys from unsafe situations with peers and adults. De Becker also shatters the myth that rules like Never Talk To Strangers will keep your children safe. By showing what danger really looks like- as opposed to what we might imagine it looks like- de Becker gives parents freedom from many common worries and unwarranted fears."


and from the back cover:


"All parents face the same challenges when it comes to their children's safety: whom to trust, whom to distrust, what to believe, what to doubt, what to fear, and what not to fear. America's leading expert at predicting violent behavior shatters the widely held myths about danger and safety, and helps parents find some certainty about life's highest-stakes questions:


How can I know a baby-sitter won't turn out to be someone who harms my child?


What should I ask child-care professionals when I interview them?


What's the best way to prepare my child for walking to school alone?


How can my child be safer at school?


How can I spot sexual predators?


What should I do if my child is lost in public?


How can I teach my child about risk without causing too much fear?


What must my teenage daughter/son know in order to be safe?


And finally, in the face of all these questions, how can I reduce the worrying?"




Anyway, I am finding it to be interesting and informative reading- some of it I already know of course, but there's still some good stuff in here, and even though I'm not even halfway done with the book yet, I would recommend it to any parent. Just thought I'd pass it on. :)

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OK so apparently all I did was preach to the choir over here huh? LOL. Well, maybe somebody will come across this thread who hasn't already heard of/read this book, and now they'll have a BUNCH of recommendations and not just mine! :D


We should get royalties or something for all this PR work eh? :lol:

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So, did you guys who already read this book go to the yellodyno.com website and download the free video and pdf booklet? I read about them in this book, went to their website, and they have things to purchase, but they also have a "free" section where you fill out a form and then can download a video and a pdf 'script' thing- it's meant for grades 1-3 but I think that it could be "give or take" a year or two. Just a heads up. :)

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