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  1. I made this for my vegan son to eat at Thanksgiving, and even the carnivores loved it: https://www.deliciouseveryday.com/mushroom-wellington/
  2. You can spend a day in Providence, then the rest of the time in Newport or Narragansett or Bristol. My family has owned a B & B in Narragansett for decades. If you are a history buff, the Newport mansions are a must-see.
  3. Last November, we stayed at Hotel San Marco. I thought it was nearly perfect: low price point, great location, excellent breakfast, and very clean (if small-ish and boring-ish) rooms.
  4. So my 9yo did Pet Store Math and loved, loved, loved running his virtual pet store. He's now asking for something similar that does "all of life" -- insurance, rent/mortgage, groceries, etc. Does something like this exist? Ideally not just workbook lessons (although a workbook is OK) but something that has you run a virtual life, be responsible for your decisions, etc.? Thanks!
  5. I never see movies, but there was so much praise for this we went. I loved it. Spoilers in white below. There was so much suspense. Literally until the last minute, I thought it was possible that she could die--I wouldn't have been surprised if some tribal leader saw her in the sand and shot her.
  6. That's the high school I went to . . . I've been thinking about it all day.
  7. I don't know if my experience was typical, but even in an AP American History class, World War II meant Pearl Harbor, the Holocaust, US internment camps, and nuclear weapons, and that's it. I had no idea whatsoever about Britain's experience in WWII until I was an adult and started reading on my own.
  8. I've had this happen and I've told them that I normally resell books and they sent me a book with a lower resale value, so I'd like some of my purchase price refunded. I've had Amazon credit be 3 or 5 dollars a few times that this has happened.
  9. Not an expert, but my own experience: exercise burns calories, but not that many. So my 1hr morning walk burns 200 calories, which is something, but doesn't compensate for me pigging out all day. I think a lot of people delude themselves into thinking that if they exercise, they should be able to eat what they want and lose weight. That was not my experience.
  10. Here's what I want: summer appropriate casual shoes that can be worn with socks--the really short kind. What won't look stupid?
  11. http://news.gw.edu/?p=393 As much as I have always been opposed to the methodology, I'm kind of sad to learn what had been going on behind the scenes.
  12. I was going to say dark chocolate covered strawberries. These are beautiful, fancy, and quite healthy if you go easy on the chocolate. Another option is to freeze fruit, run it through a good food processor, and serve as "ice cream."
  13. I love listening to audio books, but I need something to do while listening. I tried cross stitch. (meh) I tried knitting. (epic fail) I tried coloring. (meh) Any ideas for me? (Don't suggest I clean. Seriously.) Maybe some mindless online games? Something else I haven't thought of?
  14. The bedrooms: messy, but not actionable. Kitchen and living room: assuming that food on the floor had been there awhile, CPS should investigate but only do something if the investigation warrants. Once you read about the bathrooms: CPS should have gotten the kids out IMMEDIATELY.
  15. I guess I don't consider outright racism, for example, to be part of the American political spectrum. You can disagree about issues such as affirmative action, immigration, reforming inner-city education, etc., without being a racist. I would think you'd need a party or group saying, "We support X because those people are genetically inferior" before I'd consider racism part of the political spectrum. (Which is not to say that there are not racists in American politics.)
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