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Needing prayer for my family

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We have some difficult news coming out in our family.


Please pray for my mom who is handling being the mother and trying to hold relationships together. Her mother's heart just aches.


My brother found out and feels like his world has been flipped... wants to go back to bed and start over... Sometimes it's nice NOT to know.


My dad does not know anything. He is fragile in health right now, has fallen 3 times this fall and having a difficult time accepting his frailties... It was decided to try to spare him this information. Yet... I think he will find out sooner or later. Please pray for him. He wants so badly right now to have a relationship with this person and doesn't know about this and has high hopes of connecting... This will change that...


Please, don't judge. I am fine with "live and let live". But, we are a family of Christians who have believed that this is wrong. I know most of us will pray and will try to keep an open line here (in the family).... But, there are probably a few who wont. Please don't discuss all that here...


But, if you are inclined to hold our family in prayer, I thank you with all my heart. Yes, this is a bit cryptic because it is public. If you are interested in praying more specifically, please pm me.

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