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I've got the appointment with the liver specialist this afternoon & a wee update.

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Dh will be driving me (it's in a city that's 1+ hours away), and a friend is watching the boys. It'll be kind of like a date :lol:. Prayers for the appointment would be appreciated.


I went to see my family doctor last Wednesday, and he was pretty adamant that I go see a rheumatologist. He agrees that the inflammation of the liver (and possibly even the esophagus) and the joint pain, weight gain, and fatigue could all very well be related even though I don't have certain blood test markers (while I love my GI docs, they're really focused on the liver in isolation). I should hear from the rheum. this week to make an appointment.


I also go in for a MRI on my neck on Wednesday. In April of 09 (the last time I had known normal liver counts) a small lump popped up after a Judo workout. My family doctor checked it out and thought it might be a bug bite and put me on antibiotocs. Then some neck pain started and he took x-rays, and decided it might be a muscle tear (his focus is sports medicine) and I ended up in Physical Therapy. He's offered the MRI before, but because of insurance & $ I've never wanted to do it (but now's a great time because of the liver tests). It'll be good to finally know what's going on in my neck, because it's really getting annoying.


Anyway, prayers for peace and patience (and a treatable diagnosis) would be welcomed. And that I'd be able to get into my rheumatologist of choice quickly. I haven't told my parents anything that is going on (I'm waiting until we know what's going on), but I did tell my Mom I wasn't sending Christmas cards this year and she doesn't understand why I can't just send out a few (about 20-30, and in her defense it would be best if I could because of some drama in the extended family). I told her it was lack of time, but the main reason is that because of the pain in my hands and thumbs I can't address all the envelopes and sign the cards and taking the time to type in all the addresses and figuring out how print them isn't something I can take the time to do right now.


FB disclaimer: If you're my friend on facebook, please don't make any reference to this over there :).

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The appointment went well. He's testing for a few other things, including Wilson's disease (which is a build up of copper). If these tests come back negative, the next step will be a course of predinose to try and calm the inflammation down. If that works, then most likely I have a form of autoimmune hepatitis.


Thanks for all the prayers!

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Have your kids address the envelopes.


I'm glad you are getting some answers. :grouphug:


If it were me, I'd probably bribe the kids into helping with addressing a few envelopes. Gads. That kind of thing would stress me out! And that on top of the pain. Shoot.


I've been thinking about you today. Glad it went as well as you might expect.



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Praying for you! :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug: Can you tell your mom you will send out New Year's cards? I've done that and it buys you a few more weeks.


I'll raise you Epiphany and that will give you a few more days after New Years! I'm praying for you and glad you're getting it figured out.

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That sounds so messed up, Judomom. I keep reading these threads of people who I'm starting to feel like I sort of know, who aren't doing well in lots of different ways. I don't know you people, but it makes me so sad to hear of your pain; this is so anonymous, requests for prayer, prayers answered, solutions found, things not so bad, things really bad.

Sheesh, I pray for you girls even when you don't ask.

Copper? Wilson's Disease? I hope it's not that. I don't even know what it is. For God's peace and comfort to be with you, that's what I hope and pray for you.

Easily treatable and not chronic, what she said.

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